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  1. GPGIndustries present GPGJTAG
  2. Share all Dumps Readed by GPGJtag
  3. GPGJTAG Finder Supported models
  4. GPGJtag Demo Videos
  5. Which Models you wish to be added in GPGJTAG Box?
  6. Post Here Successfully Repaired Phones With GPGJtag
  7. GPGIndustries Proudly Present GPGJtag V1.02
  8. JTAGPro aka GPGJTAG present V1.03
  9. ı need s5560i full dumm
  10. Jtagpro aka gpgjtag present v1.04
  11. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG Supported CPU
  12. GPGJTAG-Samsung P1010 Full Support
  13. Samsung t939 full support
  14. Huawei U8220 Successfully repaird with JTAGPRO aka GPGJTAG
  15. Samsung M180S full support
  16. Samsung I9100 Full Support
  17. H TC Supersonic HTC A9292 HTC EVO 4G Full Support
  18. SAMSUNG S5233S Full Support
  19. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG -HTC-Supersonic_HTC_A9292_HTC_EVO_4G-Full-Support
  20. Lg gt540 full support
  21. JTAGPro Team present V1.06
  22. whats diffrence ort and jtag pro?
  23. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG HUAWEI_C8600-Full-Support
  24. GPGIndustries Presents GPGJtag Ver 1.07
  25. im new comers pls. welcome me
  26. GPGIndustries 08-12-2011 JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG New Update v1.07
  27. I9000 full support
  28. JTAG PRO aka GPGJTAG V1.08 -- 19 Phones Added --
  29. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG HUAWEI C8650-Full-Support
  30. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.08 - 19 New Phones Added - More Coming
  31. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.09
  32. inquire
  34. Jtag zte n600 full support
  35. Jtag huawei u8110 full support
  36. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG ZTE N600+ Full Support
  37. GPGJTag Team Need phones for R&D.........
  38. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG HTC XV6875 Full Support
  39. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG SAMSUNG I-900 Full Support
  40. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG ZTE V887 Full Support
  41. can support htc desire a8181
  42. Oops!! We did it Again - SonyEricsson Phones Added-GPGJtag New Update V1.10
  43. Help us improve our pinout picture quality! :)))
  44. Merry chrismas GPGIndustries Presents GPGJTAG V1.11 Update 24 phones added
  45. help i9003 dead mode ??
  46. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG sony ericsson x10a Full Support
  47. Sony Ericsson x10a unlocked by JTAG PRO aka GPGJtag
  48. Need Samsung Galaxy Tab Sprint SPH-P100 Full Dump...,
  49. GPGJTAG need to add huawei u8150 full support
  50. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG sony ericsson E15a Full Support
  51. Happy new year update jtag-pro aka gpgjtag
  52. Urgent help needed to unlock sonyericsson e15i
  53. f480 boot
  54. GPGJtag SAMSUNG_F480_F480V_F488_Boot.bin
  55. need help File GPGJtag Samsung_M715_FULL_512M
  56. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG sony ericsson E16i Full Support
  57. Thread Please add phone
  58. m8800 boot needed
  59. samsung galaxy tab M-180s
  60. Sony Ericsson x10i unlock done with JTAG PRO aka GPGJtag
  61. Samsung Galaxy Tab Sprint SPH-P100 Successfully Repaired by JTAG PRO aka GPGJtag
  62. u20 unlock
  63. reapir boot HTC G1 TMOBILE
  64. i9000 deadboot Successfully Repaired by JTAG PRO aka GPGJtag
  65. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG LG P500 Full Support
  66. World's first E-surfing CDMA dual-mode Samsung W799 unblock, full flash read/write
  67. World's first M250S\M250K(Korean) unblock!
  68. World's first Samsung Bada S8530 unblock, full flash read/write
  69. World's first Samsung i559 3G-CDMA unblock, full flash read/write
  70. GPGIndustries Presents GPGJTAG V1.13 Update!!!
  71. World’s first Lenovo Le phoneW100 and W101 unblock, full flash read/write
  72. World’s first Huawei U8220 unblock, full flash read/write
  73. World's first Huawei U8110 unblock, full flash read/write
  74. World's first Samsung S5530 unblock, full flash read/write
  75. Samsung unlock special methods!!
  76. World’s first Lenovo Le phone S1 repair, full flash read/write
  77. World’s first Samsung SoftBank 941SC unblock, full flash read/write
  78. Huawei_C8650_full_512M plzz help[answered]
  79. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.14 Released
  80. SE U20i Successfully Repaired and unlocked by GPGJTAG!
  81. need file unlock sch w300 for gpg jtag
  82. World’s first Samsung SoftBank 930SC unblock, full flash read/write
  83. pls help
  84. mapl100 unlock help
  86. c8500 s pin out
  87. where?......... i can dwonload firmware for gpg jtag
  88. help Pinout
  89. Help c8650 file corrupted from the download area
  90. hello to gpg j-tag pro team[answered]
  91. i9020a dead boot
  92. please add phone
  93. s8530 erase and write succeed!
  94. s5570 failed...
  95. Need Samsung s3653w Boot File
  96. Need Boot file for Huawei C8650
  97. huawie c8800 , U8800 ,U8650 , C5900 , C5600 a
  98. xperia x10i only vibrate
  99. plz help huawei c8650
  101. s5620 with GPG JTAG PRO ??
  102. Zte p729b orange flashing problem
  103. s5620 with GPG JTAG PRO
  104. sgh s5230 unlock
  105. samsung s3370
  106. GPGJTAG V1.15 updates
  107. Model supported list.
  108. help me
  109. need samsung sgh-zv60 boot repair
  110. need samsung sgh-zv60 boot repair
  111. Gpgjtag v1.15
  112. UNLOCK E1732 Modems with JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG
  113. Problem erase flash with model samsung s5260:
  114. Samsung T639 dead boot
  115. Problem with repairing S5830
  116. O2 xda mini ii deadboot??
  117. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.16 updated!!
  118. Problem in the boot restoration in E15i
  119. Problem in the boot restoration in E15i
  120. samsung b7510
  121. Htc pb81120 is this support in gpgjtag???????
  122. Sony Ericsson SO-01B unlocked by JTAG PRO aka GPGJtag
  123. SHW-M180s Deadboot problem?
  124. JTAG PRO aka GPGJTAG v1.17 update
  125. gpg jtag suported list fix 14.02.2012 in txt file plz
  126. Jtag-pro tool aka gpgjtag lg p509 full support
  127. Create Boot.bin File
  128. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG SAMSUNG I9000M Full Support
  129. Samsung galaxy i5700 spica done via gpgjtag
  130. : JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG New Update V1.18!!
  131. sony ericcson X10i vibrates only
  132. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.19 Update !!
  133. e16i is not in this latest update
  134. I got my BOX Today but ! HELP
  135. Help SE X10i Still Dead After deadboot Flashed
  136. i need repair boot samsung t499
  137. I9100 dead boot error 11/Need help product supporter.
  138. unlock htc inspire need help
  139. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.20 Added 5 more now total 478 Model Supported ;)
  140. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.21 update!!
  141. need s5830 boot file.
  142. I need fullflash LG GT540
  143. GPGJtag HTC_Desire_A8181(G7)-full_512M.rar Not Found
  144. HTC Magic A6161 Boot.bin file needed...
  145. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.22 update!
  146. HTC 7 Pro Dump needed
  147. No responce from admin or support of gpg jtag.
  148. HTC MAGIC/Sapphire resurrect
  149. GPGJTAG V1.22 update!! Samsung I9100G and Samsung I9108, OMAP4430 CPU Supported
  150. i need repair boot htc sensation
  151. GPGJtag HTC_sensation_full.rar Not Found
  152. s5570L aid turns on and off
  153. s5570L turns on and off till the samsung logo
  154. GPGJTAG Brand New update 1.24
  155. full dump for samsung s5230
  156. New update JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.23
  157. GPGJtagFlash Files - ERROR 404.
  158. Ot-908 unlok
  159. samsung s8500 hang on bada logo
  160. GPGJtag SAMSUNG_U900V_Boot.bin - ERROR 404.
  161. E15i dead
  162. GPGJtag SAMSUNG_F480_F480V_F488_Boot.bin - 403 Forbidden.
  163. GPGJtag HTC_S900C_HTC XV6950_HTC Diamond CDMA_Boot.BIN - ERROR 404.
  164. GPGJTAG New Update 1.25 added 5 Phones more
  165. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG New Update 1.26 added 5 Phones more
  166. LG E900 jtag pin out and boot file need
  167. HTC Desire HD A9191 no flash files in download
  168. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG New Update 1.27 added 5 HTC phones more
  169. HTC trophy 7 boot file and full damp need
  170. Jtag v1.28 update
  171. i9003 problem
  172. GPGJTAG 1.29 Added 4 New Phones
  173. gpg jtag box not work halp problem with box
  174. No Network after unlock
  175. s8600 boot error
  176. samsung i9100g boot repair eror
  177. My gpgjtag aka no work.. No detect port please help
  178. ris ji plz send full file samsung s5603 usb not work
  179. Can not be considered Full Flush with the Samsung SC-02B
  180. I would like to understand more about gpg jtag
  181. samung s8600 only samsung logo
  182. boot file for HTC TATTOO CLICK100
  183. I 5700 problem
  184. Boot file S5830 = S5830L?
  185. gpsJtag new / Null Not connected / already read help file to connect or install driver still does
  186. GPGJTAG New update V1.31
  187. samsung S5350 dead boot
  188. SO-01C is supported to gpg-j-tag pro....
  189. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG New Update 1.32 added 7phones more
  190. i9100 no imei
  191. Your support sleep??????Why they don't answer me?????
  192. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG New Update 1.33 added SAMSUNG W289;COOLPAD S126,W706...
  193. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG New Update Ver1.34
  194. Can i request a firmware of lg-ku4000..please
  195. [Reporting] Samsung B7510 Pinouts Problem
  196. JTAG-Pro Tool V1.35 proudly released!
  197. Htc mozart
  198. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG V1.36 released!
  199. s5233s dead boot need help from team..
  200. Shwm250l
  201. s5360 help gpgjtag team
  202. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG new update V1.37,added Samsung W930 LG SU550 LG KU2800...
  203. huawei 8160
  204. s5660 download mode S.O.S
  205. s5830 trying to full flash!!!!
  206. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG V1.38 proudly released!
  207. samssung b7350
  208. SonyEricsson X10i Dead vibrate only
  209. Zte P729B Orange San Francisco hang on android logo
  210. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG Default Box Pinout
  211. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG V1.39 released!
  212. Where is the boot files??????
  213. my touch 4g
  214. Jtag-pro support section 2.0 now ready!!!
  215. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG V1.40 proudly released!!
  216. Huawei U8660
  217. N7000 Help pinout.
  218. I am very dissatisfied with the work your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  219. GPGjtag Full Dump and Boot Files Here
  220. help wiza100
  221. f490
  223. need full dump file s5360...please
  224. s8600 fullflash erase
  225. Grand Update GPGJTAG Ver 1.42
  226. i9250 boot repair
  227. please release dead boot repair i9250
  228. need anycall m490 boot file
  229. Pease add samsung s5620 boot repair
  230. i717 Boot file?
  231. Shv-e160l
  232. Where is new supported models boot files??????????????
  233. My suggestion regarding the BOOT FILES in support
  234. Where is Sensation XL(G21) boot file?????
  235. iam not able to register my gpg new box
  236. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy where is your support???????????????????
  237. support???
  238. Don't lie that they support this models
  239. looking for S8530 boot file
  240. s5620
  241. GPGJTAG Ver 1.43 update!!
  242. GPGJTAG Ver 1.44 update!!
  243. help samsung s5570 A after repair
  244. other test point for i9100
  245. huawei, zte unlock
  246. JTAG-PRO aka GPGJTAG V1.45 proudly released!!
  247. Can say me where is the HTC G18,G17,G14 boot files???????????????????????
  248. GPGJTAG Ver 1.46 update!!
  249. SAMSUNG I5700 PDA boot raper probilem
  250. I9100