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  1. Asansam ver 1.6.6 released add android unlock
  2. Asansam ver 1.6.7 released Powered by Asangsm team
  3. flash samsung s5630 android menggunakan asansam
  4. Convert SHW-M250K to GT-i9100 (SII) by Asansam
  5. Asansam ver 1.6.8 released
  6. AsanSam ver1.6.9 Updated (and a gift for all Sony ericsson user)
  7. Asansam ver 1.7 released
  8. Video Tutorial How to install asansam dongle BY revo team(green version by gpg)
  9. Asansam ver 1.7.2 and UBTool rev1.0.0 Released
  10. First in the world!!n7000 repair unknown baseband !!
  11. Asansam(UB TOOL VER 1.0.3)Released add N7000
  12. Asansam ver 1.7.4 released
  13. Big support flash file for samsung and sony-ericsson
  14. Asansam ver 1.7.5 released
  15. Asansam ver 1.7.6 released(remove google account)
  16. error 76
  17. flash done s5360l TELCEL-MEXICO by asansam
  18. error : 0
  19. Asansam ver 1.8.8 and Ubtool version 1.0.8 released!!!
  20. Repair unknown baseband i9300 succefully with asansam box!!!
  21. Asansam(UBTOOL ver 1.0.9)Released add i9003 and i927!!!
  22. ASANSAM Rev 2.0.1 BETA Released Add Unlock and Imei Repair!!!
  23. ASANSAM Rev 2.0.2 BETA Released!!!
  24. ASANSAM Rev 2.0.4 Released!!
  25. Asansam(UBTOOL Ver 2.0.0)Released add Restore Orginal EFS!
  26. asansam
  27. ASANSAM Rev 2.0.7 Released!!
  28. ASANSAM Box (All-in-One v1.0.4) Released
  29. Samsung I9300 04XXXX IMEI Done With 1 Click
  30. ASANSAM Box (All-in-One v1.0.5)Released big update of 2014
  31. ASANSAM Box (Nokia Android Tool rev1.0.0) Released
  32. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.1.0)Released Add Unlock for Most recent Phones..
  33. Share/Request Here CERT/QCN files done with Asansambox
  34. About Direct Unlock for Most Recent Android Samsung Qualcomm Series
  35. About Asansam File Support
  36. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.9)Released Add New Phone models
  37. AsansamBox Version 2.6.4 Released Add Final Methods
  38. Asansam Box Successfully Unlocked / Repaired / Flashed Phones !!PLEASE POST HERE ONLY
  39. about asansam cert files and Cert Fail(Sign_IMEI_1) error
  40. ★★★★IF u need any help and manuals for asansam box request here only★★★★
  41. Distributer & Reseller
  42. Read here carefully before use Qcn Tools...
  43. ★★★★Please read this post before installing asansam★★★★
  44. Asansam Dongle HelpDesk Post Your Problems(With logos)
  45. ASANSAM BOX Manuals & Tutorials & Videos
  46. ASANSAM Manual released
  47. F.A.Q ! About Asansam Box!Before Start Thread Read This
  48. BOMB!!!!!!!!!!71 success report for The best box repair unknown baseband in gsm world
  49. Important notice::Please read here before use reset screen locks::Important notice
  50. Asansam Box One click Enable All language Successfully Reports
  51. HTC Desire 820 Smartphone
  52. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.1.2)Released Add Read and Write Security
  53. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.1.1)Released Add Direct Unlock Again
  54. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.1.3)Released Add Direct Unlock Again
  55. Hua Dongle Version 1.2.7 Released Huawei Qualcomm Update
  56. Hua Dongle Version 1.2.8 Released LG and Huawei and MTK Update
  57. Smile Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.1.4)Released Auto Wipe EFS For All Qualcomm Phones
  58. Hua Dongle Version 1.2.9 Released LG and Huawei and MTK Update
  59. Cool Hua Dongle Version 1.2.9 Released LG and Huawei and MTK Update
  60. Smile Hua Dongle Version 1.3.0 Released LG and HTC Update
  61. Hua Dongle Version 1.3.1 Released MTK Code Reader and Allwinner Imei Repair
  62. How we download YouTube Video in Sony Xperia Z2
  63. Asansambox(All in One 1.1.1) and(Qcn tools 1.1.5)Released We Returned Again
  64. Hua Box Version 1.3.4 Released (Hua Box Activation for Infinity users)
  65. Hua Box Version 1.3.5 Released [Samsung Qualcomm Unlock]
  66. HUA BOX Version 1.3.6 Released Add New Phone Models
  67. HUA BOX Version 1.3.7 Released [Exynos 7 Direct Unlock]
  68. HUA BOX Version 1.3.8 Released
  69. Asansambox(Qcn tools 1.1.6)Released Add Exynos 7 Direct Unlock
  70. HUA BOX Version 2.0.0 Released
  71. HUA BOX Version 2.0.1 Released
  72. Hua box version 2.0.2 released
  73. HUA BOX Version 2.0.3 Released HUA BOX Version 2.0.3 Released Add - MT6583 (eMMC) Write Flash (N
  74. ASANSAM BOX (QCN TOOL v1.1.7) Released
  75. HUA BOX Version 2.0.4 Released
  76. HUA BOX Version 2.0.5 Released Add Unlock FRP Lock
  77. HUA BOX Version 2.0.6 Released Dangerous and amazing Update
  78. HUABOX Version 2.0.7 Released With full power(BIIIIIIIG UPDATE)
  79. HUABOX VERSION 2.0.8 RELEASED Now it's our turn
  80. HUABOX Version 2.0.9 Released Now it's our turn
  81. Huabox version 2.1.0 released add unlock for new sam qualcomm phones without root
  82. Asansambox Version 3.0.1 Released Powered With HUA TEAM
  83. Asansambox version 3.0.2 Released Add SPD and Write cert without wipe for qualcomm
  84. Huabox version 2.1.1 released Add One click Repair Invalid Imei
  85. Huabox version 2.1.2 released Add One click Repair imei Null For Hisilicon Phones
  86. Huabox version 2.1.3 released Add Read Unlock Bootloader Code without root
  87. Asansambox version 3.0.3 Released Asansam Activation for Hua users
  88. Huabox version 2.1.4 released Asansam activation For HUA Users
  89. HUA Box Version 2.1.5 Released Samsung and LG Update
  90. Asansambox Version 3.0.4 Released(AsansamBox Activation for Infinity users)
  91. AsansamBox Version 2.3.5 Released Add Marvell and spreadtrum
  92. HUA Box Version 2.1.6 Released Enable Usb Debugging and FRP and Unlock BOOTLOADER
  93. Asansambox Version 3.0.6 Released Reset Screen Locks
  94. HUA Box Version 2.1.7 Released Add Direct Unlock For LG Qualcomm Phones
  95. Asansambox Version 3.0.7 Released Add New Phone Models
  96. HUA Box Version 2.1.8 Released Add Direct Unlock For Most Qualcomm Phones
  97. Asansambox Version 3.0.8 Released
  98. HUA Box Version 2.1.9 Released Add MTK/LG/VIRUS/S7/2016 FRP/2016 SAMSUNG PHONES
  99. HUA Box Version 2.2.0 Released No Need Nvram
  100. Asansambox Version 3.0.9 Released One Click Repair Imei Null
  101. HUA Box Version 2.2.1 Released Add HTC
  102. HUA Box Version 2.2.2 Released Add LG New Phone Models
  103. Asansambox Version 3.1.0 Released Add Reset Screen Locks for New Models
  104. HUA Box Version 2.2.3 Released QUALCOMM UPDATE
  105. HUA Box Version 2.2.4 Released Add Imei Repair For Huawei Qualcomm Phones
  106. HUA Box Version 2.2.5 Released Qualcomm Update
  107. Asansambox Version 3.1.1 Released Add New Phone Models
  108. HUA Box Version 2.2.6 Released Samsung and LG update
  109. HUA Box Version 2.2.6 Released Samsung and LG update
  110. HUA Box Version 2.2.7 Released Add New Method For MTK Phones
  111. HUA Box Version 2.2.8 Released Update Number Four
  112. HUA Box Version 2.2.9 Released Add Repair Security For Huawei G630 and G6 After Emmc
  113. HUA Box Version 2.2.9 Released Add Repair Security For Huawei G630 and G6 After Emmc
  114. HUA Box Version 2.3.0 Released Add Auto Imei Repair For Samsung and All Winner
  115. HUA Box Version 2.3.1 Released pattern and frp and virus
  116. HUA Box Version 2.3.2 Released
  117. HUA Box Version 2.3.3 Released just see
  118. Cool HUA Box Version 2.3.4 Released INTEL/HUAWEI/MTK
  119. Asansambox Version 3.1.3 Released Unlock without root and new phone models
  120. HUA Box Version 2.3.5 Released
  121. HUA Box Version 2.3.6 Released Add Reset Screen Locks for All Phones
  122. Asansambox Version 3.1.4 Released
  123. HUA Box Version 2.3.7 Released Add Enable Diag Port For Hauwei Qualcomm Phones
  124. Asansambox Version 3.1.5 Released Add New Method For Reset FRP
  125. HUA Box Version 2.3.9 Released Add Reset FRP For LG
  126. Hua box ver 2.4.2 released Add New Method For read Code Bootloader Qualcomm Phones
  127. Asansambox Version 3.1.6 Released Add New Phones and unlimited for huawei phones
  128. Hua box ver 2.4.3 release unlimited for huawei phones now
  129. ☺☺☺☺☺Hua box ver release For All Gsm users Now☺☺☺☺☺
  130. Huabox(hde pack version 0098)released add remove id for huawei phones
  131. ☺☺☺☺☺Huabox ver 2.4.4 released The ultimate update for every qualcomm phone☺☺☺☺☺
  132. Huabox(hde pack version 0099)released JUST 48hrs NOW
  133. Hua box iphone tools client version 1.0.0 released
  134. Huabox ver 2.4.6 released Add New Method For Flash hisilicon Phones
  135. HUABOX(Iphone tool client version 1.0.2)released Add DHRU Now
  136. HUABOX(Iphone tool client version 1.0.1)released
  137. Huabox ver 2.4.8 released Add Read and Write NV For Huawei Qualcomm Phones
  138. Huabox ver 2.4.7 released !!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
  139. Huabox ver 2.4.8 released Add Read and Write NV For Huawei Qualcomm Phones
  140. Hua box ver 2.5.0 released add DIRECT UNLOCK FOR SPD AND MARVELL PHONES
  141. Hua box ver 2.5.1 released Add NEW METHOD FOR REPAIR IMEI HUAWEI PHONES
  142. Hua box ver 2.5.2 released Add REPAIR IMEI NULL FOR HUAWEI QUALCOMM PHONES
  143. Asansambox Version 3.1.8 Released
  144. Hua box ver 2.5.3 released GOODBYE! WRTIE NVRAM and Reset FRP SPD
  145. Huabox(hde pack version HUAWEI NEW MODELS(WORLD 1ST Update)
  146. Asansambox Version 3.1.9 Released
  147. Hua box ver 2.5.4 released add Huawei New MTK Phones
  148. Hua box ver 2.5.5 released add Read and Write QCN For All Qualcomm Phones
  149. Hua box ver 2.5.6 released Add Unlock Patch Without Root now and HDE Update(1ST)
  150. Hua box ver 2.5.7 released SPD IMEI REPAIR AND HDE AMAZING UPDATE FOR NEW MTK
  151. Hua box ver 2.5.8 released and HDE New List Models
  152. Hua box ver 2.5.9 released F R P Update
  153. Hua box ver 2.6.2 released NEW METHOD FOR REPAIR IMEI INTEL PHONES and FRP SAMSUNG
  154. Asansambox Version 3.2.0 Released
  155. Hua box version 2.6.3 released add read bootloader code for new huawei phones
  156. Hua box version 2.6.4 released Just For Start and Free For All Huabox Users
  158. HUABOX(HQT Ver 1.2.1)Released Add Make Boot repair For Lenovo and Coolpad
  159. HDE TOOL Version 1.0.242 Released Fix This software version too old
  160. Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.2.0 is out!
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