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  1. HTC Sensation Unlocked
  2. ROOT on your Android
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  15. [Guide] How To Get CID,Main-ver, bootloader ETC.
  16. How to Install ADB and Fastboot To Your Computer :)
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  21. [Guide] How to upgrade your HTC Android Phone with RUU
  22. HTC One X buttons not working
  23. htc hero rom need
  24. HTC M7 S-off
  25. [TOOL][GUIDE] XL Multi Tool v2.1 [30-jan-2013] [S-OFF|Recovery|Radio|HTC Code|CID]
  26. [Guide] How To Get CID,Main-ver, bootloader ETC.
  27. [Tool] HTX Multi Tool V1.0 Beta Tool Released!
  28. All about HTC Gold card maker+Root Tutorial+Official rom flashing+ important notes
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  30. [Guide] How to upgrade your HTC Android Phone with RUU
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  34. [Guide] HTC ONE Hboot 1.57 Root S-Off Change CID Downgrade Hboot & OS
  35. HTC desire 300/310/g3u/zara mini Stock rom + Recovery + S-Off Procedure
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  41. Htc M8 All model official Stock Ruu (updated regularly)
  42. HTC M7 All all carriers M7 u ,ul , m7vzw,m7wls Easly Recover + Official Lollipop RUU
  43. Request for stock rom
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