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  1. HXCTeam Proudly Present V3.07
  2. HXCDongle & HXCProTool Detailed Features! Get now the best HTC Unlocker in world
  3. HXC DONGLE Successfully Unlocked Phones !!!
  4. Mirror Support Area of hxcdongle.com
  5. HXCDongle Team present 3.08
  6. What is s-off-read this for more info.
  7. : << post here IF you have any problem regarding Registration on HXCDONGLE.Com >>
  8. FAQ - Frequently asked questions! for HXC Dongle, HXC Pro Cables and BB Mass
  9. HXCTeam Proudly Present V3.09
  10. HXCDongle Latest Software[V3.11]
  11. Hxcteam proudly present 3.10 tool!
  12. need help installing my HTC Dongle
  13. W7 64 Bit, HTC Dongle SN Reader v 1.00 could not read Serial Number(Solved)
  14. [Solved] Smartcard init error[solved]
  15. hxc dongle is not activated.
  16. Need help to unlock htc a6161 magic[solved by user]
  17. Hxcteam proudly present 3.11 tool!
  18. Driver for android phone needed[solved]
  19. Activation required htc dongle
  20. Please help me my touch 3g
  21. new cable gpg hxc cable not work
  22. Not permitted software running[solved]
  23. how to unlock g1 t-mobile dream[Not supported]
  24. My dongle have blinks red led[solved]
  25. i have a cuestion about cable's
  26. htcdongle smart card driver
  27. plz help me htc wing unlock
  28. How to active A new dongle
  29. need room o2xda exec
  30. Having problems unlocking My touch 3g
  31. how to unlock htc magic using pro tool red..plz..help
  32. plz help me htc sensation 4 unlock
  33. Dongle not found
  34. desire
  35. Logger detected![solved]
  36. Hxc pro need help ulgently.....
  37. Hxc Red Clip! Simply the best HXC Unlcoker!
  38. HTC ExplorerA310e
  39. New Update loaded... HxcProTool 3.12
  40. HTC DROID Incredible 2[answered]
  41. problem[answered]
  42. when will we have the Amaze 4G unlock ?
  43. unlock problem hero 1000[answered]
  44. htc sensation 4g not read code with H X C clip.. wht to do ?[solved]
  45. Htc desire struck logo
  46. Wildfire S Mobile phone connection problem
  47. Dongle Activation
  48. help. How To change wildfire s imei
  49. help me htc pg 76240
  50. Problem opening HxcDongle
  51. how unlock hd7 t9292
  52. Hd2 a8181
  53. [Solved] error #10 hd2 T8585 read codes
  54. htc wildfire s unlock... help please RAHUL sir[answered]
  55. HD2 Unlock: Format Storage Error Block Size
  56. htc sense only light blink
  57. [Answered] Help! unloc htc Leo
  58. [Answered] Communication Error while Reading Dongle Version.....
  59. BBMass V1.03 Released :)
  60. Mytouch 4G Repair IMEI ISSUE!!!
  61. Question about HTC Desire S
  62. Brand New HXC Pro Tool Issue
  63. Htc magic sfr france roblme
  64. Hxc Dongle not found
  65. htc touch pro2 unlocking help !!!
  66. Why did I can't do anything with HTC dongle
  67. Hxc dongle update?
  68. htc PG58130 update possible ?
  69. hi need help how unlock htc desire hd (SOFTBANK)
  70. HTC mytouch 4g imei repair problem
  71. imei repair
  72. Help Unlocking HTC Incredible 2 / HTC Vivow
  73. htc desire bravo flash problem
  74. Wildfire S support
  75. problem
  76. HTC SALSA C510b
  77. can you help me step by step to unlock HTC HD2 TMOBILE,
  78. is mytoucg4g t-mobile suported via htc dongle so what is wrong ?i did at the pic in the link
  79. BBMAS 1.04 Free Update
  80. HxcDongle Crazy Update... HxcDongle Brand New update Ver. 3.14 Uploaded !!
  81. How to unlock pd29110
  82. htc incredible s NEED RUU
  83. Cant s-off Htc Desire[answered]
  84. HxCDongle 3.15 Android 3.x & 4.x supported!!
  85. ZXE and BBMASS Free Update!
  86. Getting started with HTC Dongle
  87. Question about HTC Desire HD
  88. problem
  89. [Solved] Need to clarification or solution
  90. Opening now in Pakistan official GPG service center!!
  91. HXC Dongle lilbus0.dll' not found.
  92. No image file during S58
  93. Problem : Can't Register
  94. Can Not read S|n
  95. Problem with ICS: One V and Sensation XL
  96. gpgdragon
  97. GPGIndustries wish an happy Rakhi festival to all our friends
  98. new memeber
  99. wiza200 change rom
  100. Android phone
  101. Error while reading data #10
  102. Canīt register geting socket error #10060
  103. htc dongle registretion error
  104. HTC SN Reader Don't Work.
  105. Help for unlocking t mobile g2
  106. Logger detected!
  107. HTC DANGLE old version update help??
  108. how to install
  109. World's 1st HXC Pro Tool V3.17 Added HTC Desire C, HTC Golf!!!
  110. [Answered] communication error while reading dongle version
  111. HXC Dongle back on it's Very top!!! Introducing V.3.18
  112. Why hxc dongle shows the phone model but no way to unlock it
  113. Unlock HTC Nexus one
  114. HXC PRO Tool v3.19 Added remove google account / Usercode / pattern lock / pin etc...
  115. Suspisious !!!!
  116. unable to register hxc dongle site
  117. Requirement
  118. Hxc dongle.....
  119. Hello About htc desire hd
  120. Hxc Dongle not found
  121. ERROR i couldn't unlock any Phone always error
  122. HXC Dongle not activated‎
  123. desire s imei repair problem
  124. hxc dongle calculated wrong code for htc sensation 4g
  125. HXC PRO Tool v3.20 Added HTC ONE S,HTC Ville.
  126. Mytouch 4G imei repair issue
  127. fazer leitura com hxc dongle
  128. error registration with my box
  129. error registration with my box
  130. Members /Admin Help on Topaz200 cid unlocking please
  131. i need support for hxc dongle
  132. howto s off htc one x
  133. hxc pro tool standalone red problem
  134. HXC dongle activated incorrectly
  135. hxc no work
  136. Htc one s cannot unlock boot with hxc dongle
  137. Cannot read SN - Logger detected or blank
  138. Sensation
  139. Gold card
  140. Hxc, volcano any software with regular phone cable
  141. htc desire hd - downgraded but cant change IMEI
  142. IMEI repair support for htc wildfire
  143. I can not climb up the HTC HD7 firmware in Spanish
  144. HTC HD7 imei repair with HXC Red Cable
  145. How to unlock htc one
  146. zxe no deja elegir modelo
  147. HXCMAGMA V1.0.0.0 Released World's 1st Samsung Galaxy Express 2 G3815 & N9005 Unlock
  148. Post here your success stories with HXCMAGMA!
  149. @===/\ HXCMagma Supported Models list /\===@
  150. HXC MAGMA Download Support Area
  151. Plz Add Samsung SC-04E
  152. HXC Mega Tool
  153. unlock n9005 with error
  154. .::: HXCMAGMA Video Tutorial :::...
  155. New HXC Dongle Registration Failed.. Help
  156. HXCMagma V1.0.0.1 More Stable Ver, Lot of more phones added
  157. Blackberry 9780 0MEP Done With HXCMAGMA.
  158. HXCMagMA V1.0.0.2 Grand Update... BlackBerry Module, Blackberry MEP0 Unlocking, Read Info, Read Code
  159. Bb9630 mep0 unlock done with hxc magma
  160. Disconnecting from serve
  161. Samsung I9100G Facroty Reset With HXC Magma Using RJ45 Cable ;)
  162. samsung i747 4.3 done by hxc magma
  163. World First Korean Samsung SHV-E120S 4.0.4 Android Pattern and reset without USB Debugging
  164. Rooting very easy with hxcMegma Box ----> You need just insert SD CARD inside the Device and :)
  165. Samsung S-5570 Rooting and Factory reset done with HxcMegma
  166. Android Tablet (China) Hang On Logo Done With HXC Magma . All Android Can Wipe ;)
  167. hXCMegma Successfully Removed zero MEEP of curve 8900 with in few seconds.
  168. HTC Desire 601 Dual Sim CID , Main Version ,Boot loader Info , Android Version & Too Many Info Read
  169. help me
  170. GPG INDUSTRY wishies you a Very Special HAPPY HOLI to All Our Users and TEAM Members
  171. Blackberry 9780 Successfully Removed zero MEEP With hXCMegma in few seconds.
  172. Blackberry 8520 Read Info Read Code Direct Unlock Done With HXC Magma
  173. Cannot register HXC dongle
  174. HxcMagma V1.0.0.3 Lot of HTC Models Added for Unlocking, Imei Repair, S-off, S-On etc...
  175. htc desire restart problem done
  176. HXCMagma_V1.0.0.4 BETA PRO RELEASE!!
  177. HxcMagma V1.0.0.5 Added BlackBerry Imei & Chinese Mobiles Pattern Lock Remove !!
  178. Order ID: 5545296922
  179. HXCMagma V1.0.0.6 Added Alcatel For Code Calculation!
  180. HxcMagma V1.0.0.7 World's 1st Added New PID for Alcatal OT-7025(x)-7040(x)-7041(X)
  181. HxcMagma v1.0.0.8 Added Samsung phones & Samsung Note 3 Unlock Way Changed !!
  182. Samsung B6520 Read Info Done!!![www.HxcMagma.com]Feel the power!!! [Windows Phone Ok]
  183. Hxc dongle has been blocked
  184. htc rhyme 510E imei repair proble
  185. HxcMagma World's 1st ZTE S518M-Zong & Vodafone Direct Unlock & Many SAMSUNG
  186. HXCMAGMA History Of Updates.
  187. samsung i717
  188. HxcMagma V1.0.1.1 HTC M8 - HTC ONE M8 - HTC M4_UL - One Mini & Samsung & Much more
  189. smart card
  190. HxcMagma ALCATEL CODE CALCULATOR UPDATE... Happy Earning !!
  191. htc hero 100
  192. HxcMagma V1.0.1.4 Samsung Note3 Read & Write Orignial Image & Lot of Samsung Added
  193. Making Read Info in BB9300 In FOS Mode Success!! [www.HxcMagma.com] Feel the Power!!!
  194. HTC Desire 300 S-Off
  195. HxcMagma V1.0.1.5 Lot of New Samsung Added - Root by Flashing - Samsung S5 etc...
  196. HxcMagma V1.0.1.8 The Rain of Alcatal Codes... :D Added Lot of New Alcatal Code Cal..
  197. How To Unlock Htc One S (s3) - cable Y? magma box
  198. HxcMagma V1.0.1.9 Code Calculator for Alcatel Modems & Motorola & Orange & Tcl & More
  199. alkatel ot71a unlock problem
  200. HxcMagma V1.0.2.0 World's 1st SPD Android Network Unlock - Solution Provider !!
  201. HxcMagmaV1.0.2.1 more then 2000 New Prociders id and Lot of New Alcatal Phones Added
  202. Idol 2
  203. HxcMagmaV1.0.2.2 Added lot of Samsung Phones Read Code and Start Print $$$!!
  204. HxcMagmaV1.0.2.3 Added Lot of New Samsung Read Code, Direct Unlock, Repair Imei etc..
  206. Docomo SC-01F
  207. HxcMagmav1.0.2.4 Alcatel OT-V785, SFR 1540. Voda Smart & More than 3000 PIDs
  208. help me htc magma FT232 usb uart
  209. s-off supporter magma box ?
  210. HxcMagma V1.0.2.6 Added Hot Samsung Models B312E, SM-B312EH, SM-312E, Metro 312 etc
  211. Receiving data from server: ERROR [ GET_DATA ]
  212. HxcMagma World's 1st Added HTC Factory Code Calculator & Added Alcatel & PIDs
  213. Mr Brenton Barnes
  214. HxcMagma Added All New Qualcomm Based Samsung for Unlocking !!
  215. Tutorial: How to free sim unlock HTC Sensation, Pyramid, Sensation XE and Z710e
  216. What is s-off-read this for more info.
  217. Blackberry important tip
  218. How to get a free magma activation?
  219. Flashing official rom on HTC Smart f3188 - without unlock security and supercid
  220. desire hd any hboot & os s-off and change imei and cid with hxc dongle !!
  221. Frequently Asked Questions! ~ About HxCdongle, read this before start new thread
  222. Hot and freee zte update for all hxc dongle custumers!!!
  223. ..::: HXCMAGMA Video Tutorial :::...
  224. SM-B312E Repair IMEI Done!! ' Worlds First '
  225. HTC ONE M7 1.56 HBOOT S-OFF & Repair IMEI Done!!! Worl'd First!!!!
  226. Tutorial: How to free sim unlock HTC Pico aka Explorer
  227. World First Galaxy Grand Prim SM-G350H Android 4.4.4 G530HxxU1ANIL Successfully Done
  228. Request/Share EFS,NVM,EPROM,Security BCKP Files Here
  229. HTC ONE M7 Unlock BootLoader " Just one a Cliclk "
  230. Post here All bugs !!
  231. SM-N910H Activate All Langues By MAGMA BOX
  232. Post here All SuccessFul Factory Unlock Phones Done with HxcMagma - Videos/Logs/Pics
  233. HxcMagma v1.0.3.7 Bugs fix and Alcatel prd files etc updated !!
  234. SAMSUNG SM-N900A Unlock Done!! { Worl'd First!!! }
  235. HxcMagma History Of Updates. Last Update on 21-03-2015
  236. World's 1st Samsung Galaxy Express 2 G3815 Unlock Done with HXC Magma
  237. HxcMagma World's 1st Added HTC Factory Code Calculator & Added Alcatel & PIDs
  238. What You Want In Next Upcoming Updates In HxcMagma Box
  239. HxcMagma Added All New Qualcomm Based Samsung for Unlocking !!
  240. Post here your success stories with HXCMAGMA!
  241. HxcMagma - MicroBox Activation on HxcMagma !!
  242. HXC_Magma_V1.0.4.3 - Samsung & Alcatal New models & New PID Added
  243. HXC_Magma_V1.0.4.4 - Lots of Bugs Fixed!!
  244. HxcMagma ver Hot Update !! Direct Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 !!
  245. galaxy s5 unlock
  246. Help for my HTC ONE M8
  247. sam gt-e1205t
  248. I need help for flash firmware on HTC ONE SV.
  249. HXCMagmaV1.0.4.6 Added Samsung Direct Unlock & Alcatel Code Calculator & 3000 New PID
  250. [Answered] I ask help for very disappointed box magma