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  1. Security Backups for Qualcomm based smartphones
  2. Security Backups for Qualcomm based ZTE phones (not smartphones)
  3. List of supported brands and phone models by SigmaKey
  4. Software, Drivers, Manuals, Testpoints... All In One place
  5. Send us A phone - we will unlock it!
  6. We are looking for a NVRAM backup from Motorola XT919
  7. How to find answer on your question by yourself?
  8. Description of flash files for SigmaKey
  9. HUAWEI Y550 unlock guide
  10. How to service Huawei Huawei Y536A1 (Fusion 3) and Y550
  11. SigmaKey Software v2.10.03.02 released!
  12. SigmaKey Software v2.10.04 is out!
  13. Sigma Software v.2.10.05 released
  14. Sigma root solution - SEND US feedbacks
  15. What phones/features do you want us to add to the SigmaKey?
  16. Successful Unlock/Flash Reports by the SigmaKey
  17. Sigma v.2.11.00: Unlimited Sony Unlock and Repair!
  18. Sigma v.2.11.01: Improved Sony Hexagon servicing procedures!
  19. Sigma Software v.2.11.02: ZTE Z730 / Concord II
  20. Sigma v2.11.03 is out: support for ZTE Avea inTouch 4
  21. Sigma Software v.2.11.04! Sony C2104, C2105 and much more...
  22. Sigma v.2.12.00: Sony C1904 / C1905 / C2004 / C2005
  23. Sigma Software v2.12.01 released
  24. Sigma Software v.2.12.02: MotoX 4.4.4 without rooting
  25. Sigma Software v.2.12.04: ZTE Z970, Z987, Z830
  26. Sigma Software v.2.12.05: a major bug fix update
  27. Sigma Software v.2.12.06 is out!
  28. Sigma Software v.2.12.07 released.
  29. Sigma Software v.2.13.00 is out!
  30. Sigma Software v.2.13.01. Welcome World's exclusive solutions for Huawei Ascend Y625
  31. Sigma Software v2.13.03. Servicing Huawei devices in Manufacture mode
  32. Huawei Ascend Y560-L01 is officially tested
  33. Sigma Software v2.13.04. Huawei P7, P8, G Play Mini, Honor 4C and more...
  34. Sigma Software v.2.14.00. Sidewinder method of servicing
  35. Sigma v.2.14.01: Sidewinder method becomes more powerful
  36. Sigma Software v.2.14.02 is out! Ascend P2 / D2 and much more
  37. Sigma Software v.2.14.03 MotoX with Android 5.x and much more...
  38. Sigma Software v.2.14.04
  39. Sigma Software v.2.15.00 released
  40. Sigma Software v.2.15.02 released.
  41. Sigma Software v.2.15.03 released.
  42. Sigma v.2.15.04 released. Kyocera C6530N, C6522
  43. Sigma Software v.2.15.05 released, Micromax Q415 Canvas Pace 4G.
  44. Sigma Software v.2.15.06 released.
  45. Sigma Software v.2.15.07. Kyocera E6560, E6710
  46. Sigma Software v.2.15.08 released
  47. Sigma Software v.2.15.09. Moto G, Moto E, Moto X (2nd Gen) and more...
  48. Sigma Software v.2.15.10. Moto XT1063, XT1068, Moto G (2nd Gen) and more..
  49. Sigma Software v.2.16.00. Unlock/Repair for Moto G/G2/E/X2 and more
  50. Sigma v.2.17.00. More Moto models supported
  51. Sigma Software v.2.17.01. More Moto devices and more fw versions supported
  52. Sigma Software v. released.
  53. Sigma Software v.2.17.03 released
  54. Sigma Software v.2.17.04 Released
  55. Sigma Software v.2.17.05 Released!
  56. SigmaKey Software v2.17.06 released!
  57. SigmaKey Software v2.17.07 released!
  58. Sigma Software v.2.17.09 released
  59. Sigma Software v.2.17.10
  60. Sigma v.2.18.00 Repair IMEI for Huawei QCOM models
  61. Sigma Software v.2.19.00 released
  62. Sigma Software v.2.19.01 released
  63. Sigma Software v2.19.02. New Alcatel phone models added.
  64. Sigma Software v. released
  65. Sigma Software v.2.19.04. Big improvements of the Sidewinder method!
  66. Sigma Software v.2.20.00 Introduces FRP remove feature
  67. Sigma Software v.
  68. Sigma Software v.2.20.01 FRP REMOVE for New Alcatel smartphones
  69. Sigma Software v.2.21.00 FRP REMOVE for Huawei MTK models
  70. Sigma Software v.2.21.01 +20 MTK models supported for FRP Remove
  71. Sigma Software v.2.21.02. Support for new Huawei Qcom devices.
  72. Sigma Software v.2.21.03 flashing support for Qcom-based Alcatel smartphones
  73. Sigma Software v2.21.04. Remove Huawei ID for Qcom and HiSilicon based models
  74. Sigma Software v.2.22.01. IMEI Repair for Alcatel Qcom smartphones
  75. Sigma Software v.2.23.00. Huawei CUN / LUA / LYO / TAG / TIT group
  76. SigmaKey v2.22.02. New Huawei MTK smartphones
  77. Sigma Software v.2.23.02 is out.
  78. Sigma Software v.2.23.02 is out.
  79. Sigma Software v.2.23.03
  80. Sigma Software v.2.23.04 released!
  81. SigmaKey v.2.24.01. It's a Sony. Unlock and IMEI Repair!
  82. SigmaKey Software v2.25.06
  83. Sigma v2.26.02. ZTE Obsidian locked with T-Mobile "Device Unlock" app
  84. Smart-Clip2 v1.27.10. Vodafone Smart E8 Unlock/IMEI/FRP
  85. Sigma v.2.27.10. Vodafone Smart E8 Unlock/IMEI/FRP
  86. Sigma Software v2.27.13.05 FRP remove for BG2-*** and BGO-***