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  1. Z3X BOX Samsung 3G/2G Tool v.11.4 released
  2. Z3X BOX Samsung 2g tool 3.5.0029 massive update
  3. HOW TO: Unlock I9001
  4. FAQ - Samsung phones.
  5. FAQ - LG Phones.
  6. New z3x box!!!!!
  7. Z3x flash files
  8. t479 unlock problem unfreeze[solved]
  9. Need Help ?
  10. z3x team when
  11. Z3X BOX Samsung 2g tool 3.5.0030 Update
  12. Z3X BOX Samsung 2g tool 3.5.0030 Update
  13. Box Problem
  14. samsung c3010s how to repair imei 0000000000
  15. z3x-shell updated to v4.0
  16. Z3X BOX Samsung 3G/2G Tool 12.0 released
  17. Samsung 3G/2G Tool 12.0 UPDATE V SHELL UPDATE _4.0
  18. Samsung 2g tool 3.5.0033 Update
  19. ALL Z3X USERS!! Read this before use BOX! FAQ: Activation, Driver, Access to support.
  20. Samsung b5722 flasing tfs fail how to solve
  21. LG GD510 Scurity code
  22. Samsung 740SC softbank flash unlocked by Z3X
  23. New z3x box special offer!
  24. Samsung 2g tool 3.5.0037 Update >>>>>>>>>>>
  25. lg km900 unlock done but no network
  26. Opening now in Pakistan official GPG service center!!
  27. Samsung Galaxy SIII (TMobile T999) Unlock DONE
  28. s5360 unlock done by z3x [Procedure Inside]
  29. z3 x samsung 2652 simlock sloution plss send meeee
  30. GPGIndustries wish an happy Rakhi festival to all our friends
  31. Z3X not find the driver of the new smart card
  32. S3310i CSC file need
  33. S3850 Restart Done....................
  34. Z3x Error Make MTK Flash Lg A165
  35. samsung gt-i5700 upgrade
  36. D807 succesfully unlocked via z3x
  37. S5233 passcode problem
  38. Z3x box 2g tool update
  39. z3x flash file
  40. Z3X Jtag EMMC Adaptor!!!!!
  41. add the card serial no in database for activation
  42. I need help unlocking sgh-i997 please
  43. LG 2-3G Tool v2.7 Released. >Click<
  44. GALAXY S3 I9300 Unlock Done.....
  45. samsung s7580 unlock done by z3x
  46. GT-C3322i User Code Done - So Simple :)
  47. Samsung Tool 17.1 Released. First in the world! S3800W S3802 S3802W C3590 C3592 C3322 Supported
  48. LG 2-3G Tool v3.2 released. LG E970,E975,E977 Added
  49. I9195 S4 MINI Unlock Done with Root Files [Procedure]
  50. SGH-i437 Unlock 100%
  51. Samsung s7262 imei repair by Z3x success
  52. LG 2-3G Tool v3.3 release. New phones added
  53. i need samsang e2652 hindi flash file
  54. Easy-JTAG Update - New phones added.
  55. i9082 Grand Duos 4.2.2 Carrier Unlock Done
  56. samsung GT-I5500 unlock Done
  57. Z3X Easy-JTAG Daily Update. HTC, Samsung, Huawei modem
  58. Samsung Tool Update 17.2 - SM-T211, GT-S7568i - First in the World
  59. LG 2-3G Tool v3.6 release. Nexus 4 added
  60. Easy-JTAG Daily Update - HTC, Samsung
  61. Easy-JTAG daily Update. big update inside ;)
  62. need samsang e1200 hindi filash file
  63. Z3X-BOX LG Update. 2-3G Tool v3.8. New phones added
  64. how to solve this samsung s7562
  65. LG 2-3G Tool v3.9 Daily Update
  66. samsung s7562 how to solve...
  67. Samsung Tool 17.3 Released - First in the world
  68. Z3X-Box Update. Samsung Tool 17.4. S5 added and others
  69. samsung s6802 imei repair z3x
  70. i need z3x box all driver,s and new shel
  71. Samsung Tool 17.5 Update. S4 new method, EFS->*.tar, ztool, T399,i8200, and others
  72. i want to activate my z3x box
  73. z3x box driver need help
  74. i need z3x easy jtag usb driver for winxp plz
  75. i need samsung s3200 good flash file share me any body
  76. plz help samsung s7262 pattern lock
  77. samsung s7562 error repair.....
  78. LG 2-3G Tool v4.1 Update. New phones added. Small update
  79. amsung Tool 17.7 Update. First in the world
  80. Z3X-BOX LG Update 2-3G tool v4.5 release. Lg z3x going to be HOT
  81. samsung i9003 imei repair error
  82. i have problam my z3x box phone not found
  83. help for note 3 n900w8
  84. Z3X box FT232R USB UART and reseller problem
  85. FAQ - LG Phones.
  86. List of Distributors and Resellers: Z3X-BOX & Easy-JTAG. Under revision.!
  87. READ this before open thread. And if you want have answear from supporters.
  88. Tutoring Unlock via Z3xBox
  89. LG 2-3G Tool v6.9 released. LG Optimus G Pro(F240), G2(L01F)
  90. For all USER's who have problem with WIPE EFS on QUALCOMM PHONES!!!! AFTER CF-ROOT!!!
  91. Samsung Tool 18.9 Update. Some new phones added.
  92. Easy-JTAG: Update. Lot of changes:
  93. Samsung Tool 18.8, new phones added
  94. Samsung Tool 19.1 Released. Small update released
  95. Z3X LG MTK Tool are ready!
  96. Samsung Tool 19.0 Released. Some new phones first in the world...
  97. LG 2-3G Tool v7.0 released. LG Optimus F3
  98. Samsung Tool 20.3 Update. Just bug fix.
  99. Z3X Samsung Tool 20.2 Released. Some new phones added
  100. QCN - FAQ, Information, Collection, TESTED QCN. (Don't post in other places!!!)
  101. Samsung Tool 20.4 Update.*Just bug fix, AT_rill fix
  102. Z3X-BOX LG Update. MTK tool Beta released. MTK part of team back to work )))
  103. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v7.1 released. LG Optimus F60
  104. LG 2-3G Tool v7.1 released. LG Optimus F60 Added : - support LG D390 (direct unlock, imei repair, q
  105. Samsung Tool 20.5 Update. New phone + bug fix
  106. "Please add xxx model for support" Thread
  107. Z3X-Samsung PRO activation list of resellers
  108. Finally Z3X-BOX Samsung Pro released. Samsung Tool Pro v:21.0 Released
  109. Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 21.1. Second Update. First Boom in the World.
  110. LG 2-3G Tool v7.2 released, new phones added
  111. LG-BOX Update: MTK Smart Tool v2.4.0.0 Released
  112. Z3X-BOX Samsung Pro 21.2 Update. Direct unlock for G530FZ, G360F, A700FD
  113. Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 21.3 Update - Activate DIAG for Android 5.x - first in the world
  114. MTK Smart Tool v2.4.1.0 Released
  115. Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 21.4 - New phones added J100 and others. check inside
  116. LG 2-3G Tool v7.3 released
  117. activation z3x pro problem
  118. Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 21.5 - G925T, G920T - direct unlock without flashing
  119. LG 2-3G Tool v7.4 released
  120. Z3X-BOX LG Update. v7.5, LG G4 added exclusive
  121. Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 21.6 Released: Added N910c,N910h,A700F direct unlock
  122. Easy-JTAG Update. v. Lot of new inside. EMMC firmware, New phones and other
  123. LG 2-3G Tool v7.6 released. LG G2 mini, F60 - word first
  124. LG 2-3G Tool v7.7 released. LG Leon™ LTE, G Stylo™ - world first
  125. LG 2-3G Tool v7.8 released. LG H959 G Flex 2 - first in the world
  126. Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 21.7 - new phones, new improves, first in the world
  127. EasyJtag_Release_v2.0.3.0 - LOT OF new inside
  128. LG 2-3G Tool v7.9 released. LG L70 Dual
  129. Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 21.8 Update. New phones, new function + some bug fix,world first
  130. Z3X Samsung Tool PRO 21.9 Released. Anycall, Japon S6, S6 code reading.
  131. LG 2-3G Tool v8.0 released. LG L90 Dual, G2 mini, G3 Beat, G3S Dual
  132. Samsung Tool Pro 22.0 Update: New function + lot of new phones.
  133. LG 2-3G Tool v8.1 released. Big Boom, Direct unlock without root :)
  134. EasyJtag_Release_v2.0.4.0, new phones added via ISP and JTAG interface
  135. Samsung Tool 22.2 PRO Released, Domestic CDMA unlock, MEID cert writing and more.
  136. Samsung Tool 22.3 PRO Released. New security phone unlock added: A500FU,A300FU and...
  137. Samsung Tool Pro 22.4 update. CDMA SPC reading, SPD read codes without root: G531H,
  138. Samsung Tool Pro 22.5 Update, new phones added
  139. EasyJTAG Release v2.0.5.0. Direct eMMC ODIN flasher added. :)
  140. Samsung Tool PRO v 22.6. New phones added, New root added.
  141. LG MTK Tool Has been released. The biggest news in MTK since MTK
  142. Samsung Tool Pro 22.7. New phones added. First in the world
  143. Samsung Tool 22.8 Pro - very very very big First world Update
  144. Samsung Tool PRO 22.9 Update, world first + some bugs fixed.
  145. LG 2-3G Tool v8.2 released. Lot of news inside
  146. Samsung Tool PRO 23.0 Update. New phones added.
  147. Samsung Tool Pro 23.1 Update. World first. new phones, new functions
  148. LG 2-3G Tool v8.3 released. New phones added
  149. Samsung Tool PRO 23.2 Update. New phones, Read phone lock added for some models
  150. LG 2-3G Tool v8.4 released. Google account lock reset added
  151. EasyJTAG Release v2.0.5.1. New phones added
  152. LG 2-3G Tool v8.5 released. New phones added
  153. Samsung Tool PRO 23.3. New phones + FRP + Reactivaion lock
  154. LG 2-3G Tool v8.6 released. New flasher. LG G4 Duos. World First!
  155. Samsung Tool Pro 23.4 New phones, New functions added: Resetting Disabled By EE.
  156. LG MTK Smart v2.6.0.0 Released. New phones added
  157. Z3X EasyJtag Release v2.0.6.0. Update.
  158. Samsung Tool PRO 23.5 - First in the world. tizen watch added
  159. Z3X BOX Samsung Pro 23.6Update. Galaxy S6,S6 Edge/Edge+/Note 5 patch cert:)1st World
  160. Z3X Samsung PRO 23.8 Released. New Security Qualcomm without ROOT
  161. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update .V23.9 Pro. New Security Qualcomm Reset MSL without ROOT.
  162. LG 2-3G Tool v8.7 released. NEW EXCLUSIVE Solutions inside. First in the world
  163. samsung-tool-pro-24-0-released-new-security-phones-j200x-fix-20
  164. LG 2-3G Tool v8.8 released. New phones added/ flashing kdz/tot added
  165. Samsung Tool Pro 24.2 Update. New phones added
  166. EasyJTAG Released Released. Qualcomm direct ISP flasher and much more
  167. LG 2-3G Tool v8.9 released. LG G4 Vigor World First!
  168. Easy-JTAG v2.0.7.3 Software is out!
  169. Z3X EasyJtag Update.v, Just small Update
  170. Samsung Tool Pro 24.3 Released: small update.
  171. LG 2-3G Tool v9.0 released. addition function added
  172. Samsung Tool Pro 24.4. SPD without root and other changes.
  173. LG 2-3G Tool v9.1 released. LG G4 Verizon, K10 World First!
  174. Samsung Tool Pro 24.5 Released: A310,A510,A710 - First in the world
  175. Samsung Tool Pro 24.6 Released - New phones World First
  176. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 24.7 Update. New phones
  177. Samsung Tool Pro 24.8 Released. Added: S7, S7 Edge and others.
  178. Samsung Tool PRO 24.9. S7 cert checking added
  179. LG 2-3G Tool v9.2 release. LG G4, G4c, V10 and more
  180. Samsung Tool PRO 25.0 - New phones added - World First
  181. Please help me to activate my Z3X Box !
  182. LG 2-3G Tool v9.3 release. LG K7, V10 and little BOOM
  183. EasyJtag v2.0.8.0 Released
  184. LG 2-3G Tool v9.4 release. LG K7, Wine Smart little BOOM 2
  185. Samsung Tool Pro 25.1 Released. New phones, new functions - world first.
  186. LG 2-3G Tool v9.5 release. LG V10, G5 ...
  187. EasyJtag v2.0.8.1 Others Promise, We Do!
  188. LG 2-3G Tool v9.6 release. LG K4... Boom boom
  189. Samsung Tool Pro 25.2. Just look inside. DRK, screenlock, DMVT
  190. LG 2-3G Tool v9.7 release. Flashing BOOM BOOM.
  191. LG 2-3G Tool v9.9 release. Firmware MAKER!!
  192. LG 2-3G Tool v9.10 release. New phones added. First in the world
  193. LG 2-3G Tool v9.11 release. G5 full support
  194. Samsung Tool PRO 25.3 DRK + DMVT
  195. LG 2-3G Tool v9.12 release. G5 more. look inside
  196. EasyJTAG v.2.1 Released. New phones added and lot of changes.
  197. EasyJtag Release v2.1.1.1 notes.
  198. LG 2-3G Tool v9.13 released. World First
  199. Lg 2-3G Tool 9.14. LG Leon, Phoenix 2,.
  200. Samsung Tool PRO 25.4 Update. New phones - World 1st.
  201. Samsung Tool PRO 25.5 Released. New phones added
  202. LG 2-3G Tool v9.15 released. New phones. First in the world.
  203. LG 2-3G Tool v9.16 released. New phones added
  204. Samsung Tool PRO 25.6. New phones added. Just look inside
  205. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 25.7 Update. Again new phones added
  206. Samsung Tool PRO 25.8 Released. World First!
  207. LG 2-3G Tool v9.17 release. Lot of models: screen lock reset functions
  208. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 25.9. New phones + S7 addition function
  209. EasyJtag Release v2.2.0.1. Very big Update. Lot of phones and changes!!!
  210. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 25.9. New phones added.
  211. LG 2-3G Tool 9.18 release. New phones. 1st world.
  212. Samsung Tool Pro 26.1 Update. Few phones added
  213. Samsung Tool PRO 26.2. Best Update of 2016. Now Job for copy-pasters
  214. Z3X-BOX LG Update.LG 2-3G Tool 9.19 Released. Big update. Look inside.
  215. Samsung Tool PRO 26.3 New phones. Read codes for many Shannon
  216. LG 2-3G Tool 9.20 release. LG G5, K10, G Pad X,...
  217. Samsung Tool PRO 26.5 Update. Check inside.
  218. Lg 2-3G Tool 9.21 Update. LG G5, ...
  219. Samsung Tool PRO 26.6. New phones. Read info button.
  220. LG 2-3G Tool 9.22. LG X Power, G5,...
  221. LG 2-3G Tool 9.23. LG X Style, X Power, K10, GX, G Stylo...
  222. Samsung Tool 26.7. FRP reset NEW method
  223. Lg 2-3G Tool 9.24. LG K3 LTE, Stylo 2, G Pad X 8.0, G pad III 8.0 and Sprint...
  224. Samsung Tool PRO 26.8 World first, tar file partially flashing
  225. Samsung Tool PRO 26.9 Update. Some new phones. World First
  226. Z3X-BOX LG Update. Lg 2-3G Tool 9.27. LG X5, G5 SE, X Power,X Max, X Cam & V20 series
  227. Samsung Tool PRO 27.0 - New phones/Old phones.
  228. Samsung Tool PRO 27.0 - New phones/Old phones.
  229. LG 2-3G Tool 9.28. LG G Vista 2, G5, K3, Stylus 2 Plus. World First
  230. Samsung Tool PRO 27.1 Released. First in the world.
  231. Samsung Tool PRO 27.2 Update of year 2016
  232. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 27.4. Patch certG930x/G935x, New reset FRP.
  233. EasyJTAG Updates Ready: EasyJTAG Just check inside.
  234. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool 9.30 Released. LG LTE Tag, V20, X Style,...
  235. Samsung Tool PRO 27.6 Update. Xmas Update :) First in the world.
  236. Samsung Tool Pro 27.7. Last 2016 year update and New year Update
  237. LG 2-3G Tool 9.31. LG Stylus 2, LG V20, LG K7, LG Xcam, LG G Pad 10.1
  238. LG 2-3G Tool 9.32 Release. LG V20, LG X Mach
  239. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool 9.32 Release. LG V20, LG X Mach
  240. Easy-JTAG eMMC Suite Ready!
  241. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 27.9 Update.Added new phones A320 and othe
  242. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool 9.33. LG V20, X Power, LS676
  243. Z3X-EASY-JTAG Update. Emmc File Manager V1.0 addon Released.
  244. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 28.0 Released.
  245. LG 2-3G Tool 9.34. FRP and Google Lock for signed firmwares
  246. Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool PRO 28.1 Released. New phones added.
  247. Samsung tool Pro Unlock Credits Pricing & Unlock Credits Resellers
  248. Z3X-BOX Update. Samsung Tool PRO 28.3 Released. Qualcomm based phones codes reading
  249. Samsung Tool Pro 28.6 Released new phone and fixes.
  250. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool 9.37 release. LG K3, X Power, X Max, K10, X View