View Full Version : Martech SL3 BruteForce Cloud System - SL3 Client v2.0.21.139

11-25-2011, 06:03 AM
SL3 BruteForce Cloud System 24.11.2011 - Update

New version SL3 Client:
Add GPU Watchdog setting for each drone. Default is off (Watchdog=0).
Less CPU usage - now works correctly on one core cpu
Fixed speed, now is litle bit faster.
Add auto NCK sending via mail after finish (bafore in mail was .cod file) Mail can be in on of 14 language.
Add edit drones.

If before you use version older then your hw key will change. New hwkey you can add in drones tab using edit just click on drone name.

Download: Client (http://winiu.com/support/sl3client/SL3Client2.0.21.139.zip)