View Full Version : Help With Cyclone and UFC Pro 2012

10-02-2012, 03:09 PM
Friends is that I bought the clip Ufc GPG Pro 2012 and can not get a cell phone flashee still, the problem is asking me to connect the adapter being connected even yellow.

RM-356_50.0.005_prd.core.C00, Type: Flash Image, Algo: XSR 1.5, BB5
Searching for BootCode: DualLine 32Bit
RAPIDOv11_2nd.fg, Type: 2nd Boot Loader, Rev: 512.12.8.0, Algo: BB5
Flashbus Write baud set to 650Kbits
Flashbus Read baud set to 98Kbits
Default Transmission Mode Requested by Loader: Dual Line, 32 bit, Overriding
Transmission Mode Requested: Dual Line, 32 bit, Accepted: Dual Line, 32 bit
Box TX2 Data Pin set to: Service Pin 3
If software STUCK HERE with box TX LED lit, that means:
1. You have not attached yellow TX2 Adapter (IT IS REQUIRED FOR BB5 PHONES WHEN USING JAF/UFS CABLES!)
2. Your cable is not TX2 Enabled!
3. Transmission error occured, try again
In either cases, you need to reconnect your box from USB.

If I do it with the old X-Fbus Clamp all goes a ...