View Full Version : T23 WIFI DUO Flashing problem in VOLCANO BOX

02-25-2013, 07:02 AM
Hi guys I need some help here. I'm flashing a my phone T23 Wifi duo but an error always comes out everytime I try to reflash it

Detection initiated, connect the phone and power on it...
Vcc: null
Gnd: 5
Analyzing Rx and Tx...
MT6235, RX: 2, TX: 3
Pinouts setting complete!

Hardware version:8B00
Software version:8A01
Internal version:0000
>>IF Software stop here. you see Stop(red) button become Run(Green) please press and hold power button till boot downloading not start, then release power button, when you releaes power button if boot downloading stop this mean you have HARDWARE fault in your mobile

Really need your help guys. thanks in advance