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06-12-2013, 01:59 PM
Hello to all GPG members
Service project was finally completed smartphones. All is ready. It contains all you need is a smart phone.
Full details of the program will explain later. Parts of the program will display the current image.
It will be released soon by Team GPG.

The main facade

http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/00060083574045268987.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

The phone service through the recovery partition (first in the world).
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/14777192651832036350.jpg (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Read network lock
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/47907288915898695480.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Making gold card, making the DIAG files for calibration, making the DIAG files for CID changer
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/06317056279314681495.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Smartphone controlled by computer, at the same time as moving.
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/26793293260379015214.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Partition HBoot Manager
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/25250217200621005067.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/65543462527807276981.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Repair and construction official ROM (very useful).
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/11638965612841784918.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Take a backup and data recovery
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/89800158064314559997.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Change font installation

http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/89133699768405543534.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Windows Mobile
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/80709446419326030713.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Installation Program
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/74286581584714622219.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

Install new language
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/60583143421965677535.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

File Manager
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/57921996654043413171.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

06-12-2013, 02:00 PM
Install Android on Windows Mobile
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/70173810535985703225.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

HTC Smart
http://www.irtci.ir/pics/images/62552250945479563855.png (http://www.irtci.ir/pics/)

06-12-2013, 02:00 PM
This sample is part of the download.
The biggest problems that users are confronted with HTC, a resource for primary and Custom ROM is to get the ROM must also be entered to find a good link, be sure to properly coordinate its ROM with your phone requirements.
The program options are considered for this purpose that every time users can easily get their favorite files.
With direct application to the real servers associated companies are covered by HTC, and was released in the first hour of the program is the latest ROM.


According to what you see in the picture to the corresponding option.


After opening the downloader program, you can either get your ROM.

The first method:

PN phone number on the back label of the phone is mounted.


Enter Phone Number PN click the GO button.

Here is the ROM to your phone and you can get the latest release. (Fully Automated CID your phone exactly)

second method:

This section states the phone on or plug boot.

Read From Phone and press the GO button.


After you press the GO button phones were read.

Your rooms are ready to be loaded.

Before downloading a few things to note, for example, when receiving files via PN First, make sure the motherboard is compatible phone with the label behind it,Unlocking the phone is not in the file that you get from this is the file that matches the phone number of the package and the factory has produced this version of the package.
There are two possibilities for the second method to get the file first before you hand crafted version of the phone has been changed or S-OFF. So it is better to use the CID method.
After that the program supports all HTC phones, the first handsets to the latest version (Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and 8, Android, Smartphones, etc) will also be added in the next version of its brand.