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07-01-2013, 07:59 PM

Creating original ROM, and install ROM in custom recovery

One of the best ways to update the official ROM, install the original ROM is the way to recovery. In addition, this method does not damage your phone, your phone will upgrade to the latest version of the official ROM.
One of the advantages and disadvantages of this method is that it does not change the radio and Hboot phone, the only way partitions: system, recovery and boot the phone updated.


Custom recovery, must be installed on the phone, it needs the bootloader is unlock the phone, or the phone is S-OFF.
Advantages: First, does an injury to the handset. The second official ROM without the need to downgrade, or interference problem with Hboot version is installed on the phone. Third, this method in addition to phones, HTC, runs on all phones and all brands. Fourth, always with this method, you for all your phone, use your favorite rom.



Select a device that is installed on your favorite ROM.
An SD card with at least 1 GB in size and format, and put it into the phone.
Take the phone into recovery menu.
Please enter the e Backup & Restor in recovery.
Backup options to choose from. And backup your phone.
This is a file folder located in this path: / sdcard / clockworkmod / backup / Name_of_the_nandbackup_folder
Please copy the clockworkmod folder. And save it in drive (ROM You can purchase a copy of all the phones in the same way.)

(We try our best Rom taken in FTP program you want to add.)


ROM folder SD Card (clockworkmod) it is entered into your phone.
Take the phone into recovery menu.
Connect the USB cable to the phone in recovery mode.


Sign in and go to the CWM.
Click the Backup File button.
MD5 file you just created.
Please enter the e Backup & Restor in recovery now.
Select the Restore option.
Then install folder on the phone.
Build-ROM device is installed without error message.

How to download ?

open Irkey 4.0 Software
Click on Update
click on Update Ir-key
Wait software will check server for updates
tick all files and click download
click on update
Restart software and you are ready

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