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kmp mahaprobhu
04-15-2014, 10:03 AM

** F = Flash , U = Unlock , I = IMEI

* First IN WORLD SM-T217T F/U/I
* First IN WORLD GT-I9060L F/U/I
* First IN WORLD GT-T111 F/U/I
* First IN WORLD GT-T110 F/U/I
* First IN WORLD GT-I9082N(I9082CZN) F/U/I
* First IN WORLD GT-I9060 F/U/I
* First IN WORLD GT-I9507 F/U/I
* First IN WORLD SM-G3815 F
* First IN WORLD SM-G3819D F
* First IN WORLD SM-N9002 DUAL IMEI repair with super imei
* First IN WORLD SM-G3509 F
* GT-S7392 F/U/I
* GT-S7390 F/U/I
* SGH-I257 F/U/I
* GT-S7262 F
* 50 GB new file Added Support

Important :

* For All Note 3 Now added 5 special imei in list and just this imei will be enable when select note 3 model and with this imei can solve network problem and unlock

Alternative Download Link 1#:


Alternative Download Link 2#:


P.S: Every Week Update Started Wait Next Suprisee. Some Flash file still uploading..

kmp mahaprobhu