View Full Version : "IR-Key Suit" 4.9.3 Released. 50 models HTC, Model ID error Fixer, and many more

05-06-2015, 10:54 AM
"IR-Key Suit" version 4.9.3 Released


"IR-Key Suit Full Setup" version 4.9.3
<<DOWNLOAD (http://www.mediafire.com/download/c7w11u56jf0y3jv/IR-Key_4.9.3_Setup.exe)>>

All modules HTC was added:

Butterfly S (DLXP_WL), Butterfly S (DLXP_U), Butterfly S LTE (DLXP_UL), Butterfly (DLX_U-C14), Desire 500 (Z4_U)
Desire 600t (CP3_DTG), Desire 600c (CP3_DCG), Desire 606wDesire 600 (CP3_DUG), Desire (BravoC), Desire L (CP2_U)
Desire SV (Magni), Desire VC (PrimoDD), Desire VT (PrimoTD), DROID Incredible 2 (Incredible_C), Droid Eris (DesireC)
EVO 3D (Shooter_CT), EVO 3D (Shooter_K), EVO 4G LTE (JEWEL_CL), First (MYST_UL), Inspire 4G (Stallion)
(ACE), One Max TD-LTE (T6_TL), One Max (T6), One mini HSPA (M4_HSPA), One mini LTE (M4_LTE)
One mini LTE NA (M4_LTE_NA), One mini LTE (M4_LTE_S), One S (S3), One S Special Edition (VilleC2), One SC (CP2DCG)
One ST (CP2DTG), One SU (CP2DUG), One SV (K2_PLC_CL), One SV (K2_U), One SVOne SV AU (K2_UL), One V (Primo_C)
One VX (TotemC2), One X+ LTE (enrc2_u), One X+ (Endeavor C2), (enrc2b_u), One XL TD-LTE (EVITA_UTL)
One XTSupreme (ENDEAVOR_TD), (ENR_TD), Quattro (Quattro_U), Sensation 4G (Pyramid_S), Sensation (Pyramid_TD_S)
Sensation XE (Pyramid_LE), T9199 (Oboe), Tianxi (HuaShan), Totem (Totem_UL), Triumph Desire US (Bravo_US)
Wildfire (Bee), Wildfire (Bee_CT), Wildfire S (Marvel_CT), (Marvel_TMUS), Wildfire S (Marvel_C)

Automatic unlocking bootloader
fix the problem, Model ID the update for all models
Android_info.txt files were added to create Zip files. Model ID for all.
Dump the possibility for all models.
Upload files recovery and installed without a problem.
You can see the detailed specifications for each model as well:


China Android Devices ( Allwinner CPU ) :

Troubleshooting "Full Dump All Partition And Restore Image" and select internal or external memory.

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