View Full Version : All New SPT Users!! Read This Before Start !! Faq : Activation, Drivers, Support

05-09-2015, 06:07 AM
Q : I want to buy Spt box,where can i buy?

A : Find your nearest Distributor/Reseller In your country Or Where To Buy (http://www.sptbox.com/?page_id=116)

Q : What is the official Website ?

A : SPT BOX . Samsung Professional Tool By SPT TEAM (http://www.sptbox.com)

Q : How is the SPT BOX guarantee?

A : 6 Month warranty for SPT.
Please contact your reseller for any problem.
Do not try to fix the box.
During Warranty If it is possible it will be repaired or replaced.

Q : Whare i Can Download Latest SPT Installer

A: SPTBOX Deluxe ALL Version INFO (http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f452/sptbox-deluxe-all-version-info-21-1-2014-a-1115246/)

Q : Where is SPT Box + Smart Card + Phones Drivers ?

A : All Drivers Are Located in { C:\Program Files\SPT\Drivers } Folder.

Q : How To Register And Activate SPT BOX

A : Download Latest Activator From HERE (http://download.sptbox.info/index.php?dir=software/&file=activator.rar)
Activator is Located in { C:\Program Files\SPT\Activator }.
Read Your Box Serail. Enter USERNAME , EMAIL , RE-SELLER NAME.
Copy User.ini file From ACTIVATOR Folder And Paste To SPT Folder.
Run Your SPT Software Two Time (Internet Required ).

Q : How to login in support Site To Download Flash Files ?

A : Click SPT SUPPORT Option There is !!GO SPTBOX.COM 1!! And !!GO SPTBOX.COM 2!!

Q : I buy SPT-Box Software Activation on Infinity Products, what to do ?

A : Go To SPT-Box Software Activations for Infinity-Box products - Help for Users is here (http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f452/spt-box-software-activations-infinity-box-products-help-users-here-1777796/)

Q :I Want To Know How SPT BOX GUI Works And How To Do Flashing And Repair IMI etc etc ?

Ans: Go To This Sticky Thread To Learn How It Works...

Complete SPT GUI Information & Guide Flashing,Unlocking & Repairing (UPDATING) (http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f452/complete-spt-gui-information-guide-flashing-unlocking-repairing-updating-1863670/)