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05-09-2015, 06:13 AM
Dear Friends,

If you have any Infinity Team product f.e. Main Infinity-Box (http://www.infinity-box.com/), Infinity-Box (http://www.infinity-best.com/), Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool (http://www.infinity-cdma.com/) etc. you can make SPT-Box software Activation for your Infinity product.
Activation available via Infinity Online Service (IOS) (http://www.infinity-box.com/service.php) or via Resellers (http://www.infinity-box.com/dealers.php).

[B]Key benefits:
Activation time: Instant
Wait time: Zero
Delivery cost: Zero

Price, Time, Procedure, Conditions:
Where to Activate: Infinity-Box - Online Service (http://www.infinity-box.com/service.php)
How to make Activation: http://download.sptbox.info/index.ph..._procedure.pdf (http://download.sptbox.info/index.php?dir=manual/&file=SPT-Box_for_Infinity-Box_activation_procedure.pdf)
What is Activation price: Infinity-Box - Price-list (http://www.infinity-box.com/price.php)
Where to buy: Infinity-Box - How to buy (http://www.infinity-box.com/dealers.php)

In case of any problems with Activation follow the next steps:
1. If you have a problem with Smart-Card update after Activation - contact to dongle@infinity-box.com
2. If you can not run SPT-Software after Activation - post your questions in this thread
3. If you have a delay with SPT-Box support area access after Activation - post your questions in this thread

We will try to solve your problems with Activations so fast as possible.

Old thread about Activation: SPT-Box software (Samsung models support) activation for Infinity-Box users ! (http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f296/spt-box-software-samsung-models-support-activation-infinity-box-users-678490/)