View Full Version : I have an unsupported phone by easy-jtag box.

05-09-2015, 12:53 PM
Hello dear z3x users,

Here You can find latest instruction related to unsupported models.
You need to have following things under hands :

1. Sonork IM client account / ICQ / Skype account software
2. Digital Camera (or phone with good camera) or ready photo of PCB
3. TeamViewer Software Installed on PC
4. Easy JTAG box
5. Good soldering skills and equipment.

If you already connected your unsupported phone as any supported profile we need :

1. Good PCB photos
2a. Full phone dump for NAND or NOR based phones and
2b. At least 256 Mb and full ROM2 dump for EMMC phones
3. Full logs for all operations, TXT or screenshots.

P.S. Only valuable posts here! No spam and requests to do something. I will update header if necesary.

Thank You.