View Full Version : [2014-2015] Easy-JTAG. Request phones for ADDING ONLY HERE

05-09-2015, 01:06 PM
Easy-JTAG. Request the most wanted phones, which you want see in list of supported.

Lets impoving easy-jtag.
In 2014 we have many ideas.
Soon some ideas will be ready in easy-jtag.

While we need updates, for updates we need many phones for remote testing, adding.
Some model we need buy with delivery to DUBAI.

========== Remoted phone adding ===========

1st - We need HI quality of PCB, why we need this??

Becouse this is 1st step for adding, from photo we can understand type of emmc, mcu on phone, and later we can create pinout using this photo.
here (http://d-h.st/sSw) is sample of good quality photo, but better to remove all sticker from mcu, emmc or nand chip

second step , by checking photo we can tell about possibility remoted adding phone.

if phone cant be done remoted, we can buy phones.

Please contact with me via PM only after you have posted HI quality photo of phone.

Please dont PM to me with only phone model without any photo of pcb !!
If you not have photo, only phone model, post here, but possibility of adding will be low.