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05-09-2015, 01:19 PM
Creating MAGIC CARD from ZBIN Image.

Step 1 Run Plugin


Step 2 Browse zbin file


Step 3 Select SD cared reader


Step 4 Write SD cared


Magic Cared is ready for boot repair now do these steps.

Recovery Phone by SD Unbrick card

1. Insert SD Card in phone SD card slot and attach battery
2. Put phone in Download mode by USB-JIC either by keyboard combination ( make sure that you have used file with newer firmware than current phone firmware. If you don't know what firmware have ben in phone before software damage just use latest zbin file from support!)
3. If phone go in ODIN mode, download firmware with same version as in ZBIN file e.g if you used
4. Samsung_GT-I9200_I9200XXUDNE4_GPT_UEFI.zbin you should use I9200XXUDNE4 firmware or newer one.
5. Flash phone with ODIN with PIT file!
6. Repair Done.

Creating MAGIC CARD from BIN Dump

Do step 1 and 2 same as above.

Step 3 and 4.