View Full Version : NEW product - Martech Analyzer - introduction and user manuals

05-11-2015, 09:02 AM
Hello Martech users !

We are glad to show you our latest hardware product named Martech Analyzer.

MARTECH ANALIZER PB243 is a unique device matching high class, line regulating power supply and an intelligent fast charger of accumulator packs with regeneration mode within one construction.
The system is equipped with innovative solutions that guarantee high working, thanks to using high contrast graphic display, touching sensors, acoustic alerts system and quick communication USB interface.

The PB243 functions are being constantly developed and improved. We are working over optimal functions, solutions, more perfect analyses and measurement are being developed at all times.
Thanks to software update, your device will always be valid, up to date and ready to deal with new tasks. We are expecting all your remarks as a necessary factor helping the device to develop. All suggestions are welcomed at.
You will find all available update and an additional service tools at www.martech.pl (http://www.martech.pl)

There is many functions and options, please read user manuals:

- In English: EN-manual (http://martech.pl/download/ANALYZER/Martech_Analyzer_manual_en.pdf)
- In Polish : PL-instrukcja (http://martech.pl/download/ANALYZER/Martech_Analyzer_manual_pl.pdf)

More instructions in other languages will come soon.

Device price is 299 euro netto + shipping cost

You can buy this device directly from us and soon from resellers, it will be visible for buy on our shop - http://martech.pl/shop soon.