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05-11-2015, 09:16 AM
RCD PRO Service Tools v0.1.0.0

Standalone solution based on Martech Clip for unlocking latest car radio/navi.

Main functions:
- "standalone" application - just Martech Clip and RCD PRO Tools for using.
- you can read out real code from latest radios with new algorithms like RCD 310/510 (Swing, Bolero, Ultra Low, RNS-510 in updates)
- more functions is coming: RNS-510 via connector, display emulator for Opel, repairing "locked" on V series etc.
- once activated then unlimited using, no payments for updates/support

PRO is reading out real codes from car radios like RCD 310, based on latest algorithms.

Incoming updates: RCD 510, Skoda SWING/Bolero, Seat UltraLow/MP3, RNS 310, RNS300, RNS500 etc.
Application works "standalone", this means you can use it totally without PC computer.
Whole unlock modes, read code process, or read/save memory to file is executed on Martech Clip device and MMC card as data carrier.







RCD PRO might be activated and run only on Martech Clip.


Tool will be permamently update for new models, we are currently working on:
- RNS-510 Siemens/VDO via connector (code, tv-free)
- UnLocking navigations like MFD/MCD in standalone version
- Read out codes from Ford V series, reparing "locked"
- Display emulator for car radios based in Opel, Renault
- Additional PC application is coming, it will do latest Kenwoods radios
- Martech Clip as programmer (spi, microwire, Motorola cpu, JTAG)
- and much others .. http://forum.gsmhosting.com/ubb/smile.gif

Once activated no needs additonal payments for updates / technical support.

While buying you are getting:
- Martech Clip device
- RCD PRO activation
- non limited technical support and access to updates
- individual access to PRO forum, activated only for PRO users

Price: 355 EURO (not included VAT if you are from EU and don't have valid company EU number)
(Martech Clip is 199 Euro, RCD PRO activation is 156 Euro netto)

Questions ? : martech@hot.pl

Martech Team
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