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05-11-2015, 10:22 AM
Hello! Because "copiers team" Dreambox made not complete comparision of Martech & Dreambox: DREAMBOX and MARTECH functionality comparison We decided to add some "not shown" comparisions between our devices: -------------------------- Feature: Support of EGOLD models via Testpoint Martech: support 100% of EGOLD models Dreambox: support 70% of EGOLD models -------------------------- Feature: Authors of unique Testpoint Method for EGOLD models Martech: Real authors (made 5 years ago, used in 3 different modifications since last 5 years) Dreambox: copiers (modified Martech method for use 1 TP and used 1 year ago) -------------------------- Feature: Authors of 99% important updates as FIRST IN THE WORLD Martech: 99% of most important updates made immediatelly (most of them as first in the world) Dreambox: usually 1 - 2 months after Martech (how do you think - made 100% by themselves? -------------------------- Feature: quality & failure damages of devices Martech: 2-3% of devices damaged and repaired free on warranty (we have registered data to proove it) Dreambox: more than 30% of devices damaged during 6 months of using (based on resellers & users data - possible to verify) -------------------------- Feature: supported models Martech: all siemens based models and all flash ICs Dreambox: NOT all siemens models, and NOT all flash ICs (even till today) -------------------------- Feature: copying - easiest way to earn money Martech: author of all below things. Dreambox: copier of all below things... - Martech testpoint system for EGOLD - copied and modified for using 1TP by Dreambox - construction (even colors) of Martech testpoint connectors - the same button on black connector etc etc. in first days after releasing on Dreambox official website - there was published Martech TP cable photo (as Dreambox TP cable) - look how fresh they are... till today - used 100% copy of construction our cable. - 90% of newest models added by Martech first, than added by Dreambox (even 1-2 months after us) -> for example S68 model with different EEprom organisation - added as first in the world by Martech after 2+ months copied by Dreambox (remember that C81, EL71, etc etc - this is the same EE organisation like S68, so without S68 there is no new models support) -> Martech released as first in the world comercial soft for SGOLDs by testpoint -> long waited SL75 unlock and repair by testpoint (first by Martech) -> EL71 model first released by Dreambox (are you sure? NOT, it's not true, this model was released by them, but NOT WORKING!!!!! it was lie!) -> first in the world EL71 100% working solution for all known flash ICs was released by Martech, and released by Dreambox not more than month ago... (anyway till today not 100% of EL71 phones are supported by Dreambox) -> E71 model as first by Martech about 2 months ago (not supported till now by Dreambox -> even all names are copied by Dreambox (for example "testpoint adaptor" builded in) - this name is trademarked by Martech why new Dreambox name "Dreambox PLUS" -> is simillar to product "Martech BOX II PLUS". -------------------------- Coclusion: Dreambox made "table" which is good for promotional reasons, but this table show only good sides of Dreambox, and hide bad sides. hiden: that Dreambox was copy of Martech box for earn money only! They just used 99% of ours work for Made it as their own, and started to earn money of it. Choose: pay authors, or pay to copiers NOTE: we made this text, because Dreambox forgot about fact they copied 90% of solutions from us, and started making promotion of their product with LIES!!!! it's not true Dreambox support all models by Testpoint (only Martech can do it) it's not true Dreambox is super stable device (it's very poor quality and not stable device, and users know about it and your promotional texts don't change it) - because you can't LIE customers. We'll stop your aggressive promotion based on telling NOT TRUE informations... we'll release FACTs against all your promotional lies. If you'll start writing more not true info - we'll release more facts...