View Full Version : SIEM Tools (v14.7) - FIRST IN THE WORLD - BootCore factory open BUS managing

05-11-2015, 10:27 AM
There is new update for SIEM Service Tools (v14.7) new features: - improved BootCore procedures - support for new PCB types (OTP empty models - SGOLD) - BootCore IMEI for OTP empty boards advanced functions added - improved Generate BOOT_PASS function (for OTP empty boards) - factory BUS opened BootCore functions added (detecting, opening, closing, changing) - FIRST IN THE WORLD - autodetect of BootCore type, flags and settings (for all groups of SGOLD models) - fullflash BootCore writing modes - auto generate IMEI for BootCore and EEprom in same time (for repairing OTP Empty phones) more info: www.martech.pl/ts