View Full Version : New version of Boot-Loader, the largest repository of cell phone flash files

05-11-2015, 01:17 PM
Boot-Loader v.2.0 (https://www.boot-loader.com/) is the support zone for Octopus, Smart-Clip, SCout Dongle and Dreambox. This version introduces a number of improvements compared to the previous version of Boot-Loader.


Boot-Loader Download Manager
Boot-Loader Download Manager is a powerful tool for firmware downloads:

No speed or stream limits - download speed has become much higher
Support for low speed and unstable connections
Flexible download management
Integration with Boot-Loader web site

Boot-Loader Web Site
Boot-Loader v.2.0 is a complete new system. It meets all requirements of modern web and offers many useful features and improvements.

Built-in messaging system - you can receive messages from the support team and exchange messages with other users
Powerful system for device management - you can manage your Octopus, Smart-Clip, SCout and Dreambox devices

To sign up for the Boot-Loader v.2.0, please visit https://www.boot-loader.com/