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05-11-2015, 01:33 PM
Dear Users,

From now on you can speed up your DeamBox performance with the latest addition to Octopus Activation family - Octopus Unlimited SE Activation for DreamBox SE (http://gsmserver.com/shop/gsm/octopus_se_activation_for_dreambox_se.php) and service the most current Sony Ericsson mobiles free of charge and in unlimited amount.

Just check out those outstanding features you can add to your DreamBox SE functionality:

Direct Unlock
Repair IMEI
Repair TA
Read/Write TA
Read Info
Write Firmware

Octopus Unlimited SE Activation for DreamBox SE - Supported Models:

E10a, E10i, E15a, E15i, E16a, E16i
LT15a, LT15at, LT15i, LT18a, LT18i
MK16a, MK16i
MT11a, MT11i, MT15a, MT15i
R800, R800a, R800at, R800i, R800x
SK17a, SK17i
SO-01B, SO-01C, SO-02C, SO-03C
ST15a, ST15i, ST17a, ST17i, ST18a, ST18i
U20a, U20i
WT19a, WT19i
X10a, X10i

Download Latest DreamBox Server Client (http://www.dreambox.hk/downloads.php)!