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05-11-2015, 01:35 PM
http://www.dreambox.hk/img/block_octopus_lg.png (http://www.gsmserver.com/shop/gsm/octopus_lg_activation_for_dreambox.php)

Dear customers!

GsmServer, GSM Dream and Octopus Teams are glad to introduce Octopus LG Activation for DreamBoxPlus and DreamBox SE (http://www.gsmserver.com/shop/gsm/octopus_lg_activation_for_dreambox.php).

Octopus LG Activation enables servicing, flashing and repairing for LG handsets.

Octopus LG Activation for DreamBox Main Features:

Direct unlock
All locks reset
Read phone information
Firmware update
Read/write FullFlash and Calibration data files
Read firmware version
Full factory reset
Multilingual software interface

Octopus LG Activation for DreamBox Supported Models List (http://octopusbox.com/eng/features/software)

Please note: it's impossible to use DreamBox for working with LG models. The above listed models can be connected via USB or third party uni-boxes.

Purchasing Octopus LG Activation for DreamBox entitles the user to 1 year of free access to Boot-Loader v2.0 (https://www.boot-loader.com) (20 GB).

You are welcome to order Octopus LG Activation DreamBoxPlus and DreamBox SE (http://www.gsmserver.com/shop/gsm/octopus_lg_activation_for_dreambox.php)!

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