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05-14-2015, 08:34 AM
bada : ocean, sea

Samsung bada is a smartphone platform , which is created for wide range of device, unveiled in 2010. "bada" is a Korean word that means "ocean" and "seashore". "bada" in itself embodies the open possibilities of the ocean: it can accommodate the various applications created by developers and it provides an interesting new space that offers unprecedented enjoyment to its users.
bada is a new blue ocean of mobile applications for developers, and customers will have a wider choice of smartphones with cost-effective yet powerful bada-powered phones.

Vision of bada

The vision of bada is "Smartphone for Everyone". bada's main goal is not to compete with other existing smartphone platforms. Instead, bada will turn Samsung's conventional customers into smartphone users by providing cost-effective smartphones. This means that bada will open and extend a new smartphone market, which does not exist in the current mobile market. bada will create a new smartphone market, which will turn into a new blue ocean.

History of bada

Samsung bada has a long history of almost 10 years. During this time, it has been Samsung's proprietary platform, having been deployed in many successful handsets.
To make the proprietary platform smarter, we added exciting features such as multipoint-touch, 3D graphics, an enhanced UI, and of course, application downloads and installation, and so bada was born. Samsung bada is proven to be reliable with its success history and also enhanced with its new features.

Business with bada

Samsung bada will help mobile developers to expand their application business. Our aim is to continue to release successful models. Over 280,000,000 customers bought Samsung handsets in 2010. As bada is the one of major smartphone platform of Samsung, Samsung will roll out additional bada-based smartphones and continue to support bada developers in making and marketing high-quality applications.
Samsung bada will rapidly be adopted by such customers this year.
In addition, the global distribution and coverage of Samsung mobile phones and Samsung Apps, the application store (http://www.samsungapps.com/), will boost developers´ businesses. Samsung Apps has expanded its services to more than 110 countries for bada in 2010.
No wonder. A new blue ocean is coming. We hope you are among the early birds in this new market.

Features of bada

Even though bada supports a wide range of devices, bada is powerful enough to turn your imagination into powerful applications. With high end devices such as Wave II and Wave, bada fully utilizes the power of hardware for the ultimate application experience. Even with mid-range or cost-effective models, it also provides powerful features for better application experiences.
Features such as plenty of UI controls, Flash support, sensors support help applications to be more interactive. Service-centric features such as in-app-purchasing, SNS integration help applications to offer customers a richer, more interactive experience.
For more information, please refer to the "Technical Resources (http://developer.bada.com/apis/docs/commonpage.do?menu=MC01010000&mtb1=&mtb2=) page in bada Developers (http://developer.bada.com/) web site.

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