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05-14-2015, 07:43 AM


Social Trendsetter on the move

Advanced communicators need a handset that keeps up with increasingly busy social lives. The Wave M boasts superior usability with a wider screen and embedded IM for you who are the most socially active. Instant chatting feature, streamlined messaging feeds, enhanced on-the-go web browsing and Wi-Fi applications keep you on the move. All encased in a simple ergonomic design with large tempered glass screen so you’re up to speed on all your activities in perfect style.


Always ConnectedYou’ve always placed high priority on your social life and this is the handset that meets all your needs. ChatON service lets you instant chat without having to log in with ID or password and connects you to everyone. Social Hub 2.0 provides two separate chronologically ordered feeds – one for emails and messages and the other for your SNS updates – so you can check in whenever you want. All integrated with your phonebook and calendar for easy calling, calendaring task and streaming all your social activities with supreme ease.


Perfectly fittedAn individualized user interface with improved layout provides more intuitive handling of your handset and an overall more streamlined user experience. You can customize the live panel with real-time data and characterize the home screen with contents that matter to them -- and it’s quicker, easier and more convenient to use with shortcuts. Folder creation and viewing through multi-touch in a pleasing 3D effect makes it simpler to access your folders. Music Hub is at the forefront of your Optimized Services & Contents with 12 million plus songs available so you can enjoy any kind of music to your heart’s content.


Fast & SmartEnjoy super easy connections with other Wi-Fi Direct devices such as laptops, tablets or printers because they can connect without need of Wi-Fi hotspot or USB hook-up. So go ahead and send pics, video clips or make printouts at any time. Advanced Smart feature makes multitasking a breeze for both embedded and downloaded apps so you can juggle up to five different applications at once, saving you both time and trouble. Push notification lets you know immediately when a message comes in through several avenues: on your quick panel, on your icon in the main menu or it pops up on you’re my Contents folder -- so you can check it right away and not miss a beat.


Trend Forward DesignLook no further for a simple, stylish handset with great ergonomic design. Highly grippable with clean lines and featuring a tempered glass display for a polished look, this phone has a super-wide 3.65” screen so you can read your messages, view photos and watch videos in great comfort. A simply stylish phone that adds a perfect modern accent to every look and takes you through your entire day.


Extra added valueYou can enjoy the convenience of zipping through line-ups and using the handset to pay fares on public transportation and other linked purchases and transactions. Business card info can easily be exchanged with others, special downloaded offers and ID systems accessed from your phone.
Experience the best of mobile web browsing with the latest edition of FlashLite 4 just like on PC so no worries about video clips that won’t open properly. bada 2.0 software also enables HTML5 web application framework so that all multimedia and graphic contents are fully readable. Surf the internet just as intended -- a full web experience on your mobile. Kies Air application wirelessly connects your handset through Wi-Fi to your PC, offering the flexibility of working mobile phone tasks from your PC. Whether you’re downloading pics from your phone to your computer or composing messages on your computer and sending via your handset, it’s a cinch.

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