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05-14-2015, 08:46 AM


Get a Smart Start for Your Mobile Life

Have access to the mobile’s new bada 2.0 platform, powerful 832MHz processor, a sophisticated and ergonomic design, feature-rich Social and Music Hubs, fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity! This mobile has all you need to stay connected, social and stylish. With Samsung, it’s never been easier to be so smart


Easy to Be SmartThere’s a smart revolution happening and it’s never been easier to join in! Samsung’s Wave Y introduces you to the intuitive and user-friendly bada 2.0 platform, which really shows off the smartphone’s capabilities. You’ll be amazed at all its features, not to mention the incredible performance, fast response time, smooth multitasking and brilliant graphics – all thanks to the powerful 832MHz processor! With Samsung, it’s so easy to be smart!


Easy to Be StylishBeautifully designed to match your penchant for style, the Wave Y offers sophistication with its metallic hairline pattern. A stand-out beauty, this mobile is sleek and chic.
The mobile also boasts a wide 3.2” HVGA screen that displays crystal clear text and images, ensuring that everything from the mobile’s features to the mobile itself always look great!


Easy to PersonalizeNot just a mobile for the masses, Samsung’s Wave Y can be personalized with your preferences and suited to your needs. From the Live Panel screen to the Lock Screen, the mobile features customizable functions that make sure this mobile is the perfect fit for you.
Organizing is made easy with the 3D folder management features. Even the Music Hub can be catered to your music likes, with helpful recommendations for new songs you can easily purchase to your mobile.


Easy to SocializeChatON introduces a new way to keep in touch. Accessible on all mobile platforms, ChatON offers instant messaging with a twist. Instead of connecting via user IDs, you can find friends and connect using phone numbers. Group chat is also available as is PC to web instant messaging. Social Hub 2.0 keeps all your social activities in one convenient location. It’s now easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and family. With integrated services connecting you to email, popular SNS like Facebook and Twitter, IM and more, staying social and staying mobile are now one and the same!


Easy to ConnectWave Y feature Near Field Communication for easy purchases, information gathering and more. Simply scan the device/symbol with your mobile! Equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11n, the mobile offers fast and convenient connection to the web for surfing, sharing devices and data, and more!
Bluetooth 3.0 offers the latest wireless infrared connections for file transfers and pairing with mobile peripherals and PCs.

bada - Samsung's Smartphone Platform (http://www.Bada.com)