View Full Version : Security Backups for Qualcomm based ZTE phones (not smartphones)

05-16-2015, 06:07 AM
Dear Users,

We are looking for the security area backups from various Qualcomm based ZTE phones to improve Sigma and create new features for this group of devices.
The list of ZTE phones we need these backups from:

C100, CK165
E821, E850
F05Z, F100, F101, F102, F102i, F103, F105, F106, F107, F109, F111,
F116, F158, F159, F160, F160 AT&T, F165, F166, F188, F230, F232, F233, F260, F555, F600, F870, F900, F912, F930, F950, F951, F952, F953, F955
Jack 3G
MD Touch, MD Touch mini, MD-2 MOMO Design, Montgomery, MTS-840
N8301, N8303
R101, R109, R22, R54, R7, Rio II
S2x, S50, SFR 501, Skinny
T-Mobile Aspect, T100, T106, T108, T116A, T2, T20, T203, T3, T50, T54, T6, T7, T870, T90, T930, T95, T96, Tactile Messaging, Telstra CRUISE T126, Telstra FLIP
Wombat, WP750
Z1196, Z221, Z222, Z331, Z431, Z432, Z433

How to Save security Area:

Select Qualcomm platform
Connect phone in the FTM / Download mode (http://sigmakey.com/en/supportedfeatures/help?phone_id=944)
Go to "Unlock" tab
Press "direct unlock" button
During Direct Unlock operation Sigma Software will save Security are
Upload Security area along with the log file to any filesharing web site
Post link for it in a current thread or PM link for it to me