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05-16-2015, 06:18 AM
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Sigma Software v2.10.02 is out!

Update for Pack 2 users

1. Added GUINEA PIG METHOD of Unlock / Repair IMEI for:

♦ ZTE Kis 3
♦ Moche Smart A16 (MEO)
During the operation the phone will reboot once.
Full service manual can be found here (http://sigmakey.com/en/supportedfeatures/help?phone_id=2734)

This service method can potentially work on the following
Qualcomm-based ZTE devices:

♦ Turkcell T50
♦ Blade Apex 2 / Blade Vec 4G
♦ Concord II / Compel
♦ Grand X / Grand Memo II
♦ Open C / Open II
♦ Q505 / Q801U
♦ V5 Red Bull
♦ Z667t
♦ Z730 / Z777
♦ Z830
♦ Z933 / Z970
If itís possible to root the phone, run the required service procedure (unlock or repair), according to the provided manual (http://sigmakey.com/en/supportedfeatures/help?phone_id=2734).
We are waiting for your logs and feedbacks.

Update for Pack 1 users

1. The following models added to the list of supported for servicing with Yoda method:

♦ BLU DASH JR K (MT6571)
♦ BMobile AX745 (MT6572)
♦ BGH Joy Smart A1 (MT6572)
♦ FONDI T708B (MT6582)
♦ GO Live S2 (MT6575)
♦ INSYS J3A10 (MT6572)
♦ Orange Luno (MT6572)
♦ Oppo Neo 3 R831K (MT6572)
♦ Lenovo Vibe X2 (MT6595)
♦ M4tel Ss4020 (MT6582)
♦ Micromax A104 (MT6582)
♦ Plum X350 (MT6572)
♦ Philips W3500 (MT6582)
♦ Posh Orion Mini S350 (MT6572)
♦ Pcd E351 (MT6572)
♦ Verykool S3501 (MT6571)
♦ Yezz Andy 3.5EI (MT6572)

Update for SigmaKey users

1. New firmware versions have been uploaded in the fast
Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database:

♦ Motorola MB300: USAMOTS01TLSNA042.0R
♦ Turkcell Maxi Plus 5: P752TV1.0.0B08
♦ ZTE Skate: TMO_AUT_P743TV1.0.0B10
♦ ZTE Z222: ATT_AM_P671B41V1.0.0B14-S
♦ ZTE Z992: ATT_US_P752A15V1.0.0B22

2. The following Qualcomm-based models added to the list of supported:
♦ BLU DASH 3.5 D160i
♦ HUAWEI G620S-L01
♦ Vodafone Smart Tab 4G

3. We have fixed minor customer-reported issues.

Download Sigma Software v2.10.02 (http://sigmakey.com/en/Downloads/Software.html)

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