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07-07-2015, 07:01 AM
Martech RCD ASM - counter reset on RNS310

New function for OMAP5948 activation:
- Counter reset

Now you can reset blocked device and speed up work - no need to wait 1h to enter code.
Remeber: after counter reset unit will be turned off for about 1 minute, then it will power on and ask for code.

It's tested on RNS310 - other models like Ford HSRNS/HSMCA you are using on your own risk until will be confirmed by us.d

Latest Update:
- 701 Marantz Company
- DVD CQ-VD5005N Matsu****a
- FJXDB EUP 10.0 Delphi Volvo 100435269
- HSMCA (NX) Blaupunkt Ford 7612 330 961
- P05064881AB Chrysler
- WKC-5300 Grundig

How to update Box III? Run martech_ams3.exe or download:

Check supported models and functions in demo version:

Check our Youtobe channel for videos:

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