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12-30-2015, 08:53 AM
Today the MFC Dongle Version 1.38 full installer released .

Changelogs for MFC Dongle V1.38 ?

iPR (iCloud Data Recovery) algorithm function improved
Add iPResult.txt logs under iBackups\UDID\Snapshot
Enable to display Old / New iCloud Account
Fix memory managing process did not exit issue

[status][info] Starting ...
[user][info] Post processing data ...
[user][info] Creating new instance ...
[user][info] Processing data ...
[user][info] Analyzing ...
[user][info] Processed 136/136 ...
[user][info] Processed 25/25 ...
[user][info] Processed 15/15 ...
[user][info] Processed 6/6 ...
[user][done] Data for xxx@xxxx.xx is xxxxxxx ----Account and Passcode
[user][done] No valid found for xxx@xxxx.xx ----Account
[user][info] Done
[user][done] Done.

Upgrading to new Versions:

The downloaded version of the software is available now, You can download from support page (http://www.mfcbox.com/downloads/) with valid membership.

The Mega full installer verion download link:

https://mega.nz/#!TZsyCDbR!1FMIBfPJm...HlMpOanfswZDoM (https://mega.nz/#%21TZsyCDbR%211FMIBfPJm8hROSQFWj-FFKMZCJkYGHlMpOanfswZDoM)

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