View Full Version : Avengers Box Android MTK v0.2.6 Update Released - [08/03/2016]

03-09-2016, 10:05 AM

- Improved saving info on firmware backup.
Now will be saved all info like preloader info, NVRAM IMEI and otp IMEI if phone have.
Also android info like phone model, Android version and other info.
- Fixed extracting info from phones what use Custpack.
- Changed Dumping for bootimg, recovery, UBoot.
Exe will check file integrity and will not save if partition is corrupted.

- Fixed security backup, now will be saved both preloaders Raw and flashable preloader.
Will be saved also NVRAM partition.
- Added saving OTP IMEI info and phone.
- Added saving CID info for HTC Huawei Phones
- Changed entering in meta mode for old CPU like MT6573, MT6577
- Changed boot info, now will Auto detect if phone have OTP or IMEI is stored in nvram.
Also will auto parse Alcatel Pro info and will display info about model.

Download From:

http://www.avengersbox.com/support/A...tup_v0.2.6.exe (http://www.avengersbox.com/support/AvengersBox_Android_MTK_Setup_v0.2.6.exe)

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