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08-11-2021, 07:33 AM
Gsm Gateways Communication best offers innovatory telecommunication solutions for call center solution networks via VOIP. The company has deep knowledge of VOIP and Cellular communication and focuses on GSM Termination projects around the world.

Gsm Gateway (https://www.gsmgateway.in/) use a SIM card and link with a cellular tower. They modify the cellular connection to SIP and supply the connection as a trunk to a VoIP PBX. with the number of SIM cards (https://www.gsmgateway.in/) or gateway mange hold determines how much calls you can make.
If your business panel has you out in the central, of nowhere, there power not be an Internet connection. As tall as your cell phone has a signal, that's all you need to attach to your VoIP phone system!

GSM Gateways are top for redundancy, T1 outages, or as a connection in places where inexpensive analog or SIP connections aren't available. They are ideal for remote locations where you've got a cellular connection but no Internet. If the requirement is, with a Gsm Gateway you can Build and run your total remote phone system off of backup power with a cell tower. For added assurance, you'll add on a Go3 No Questions Asked replacement warranty!

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Up to Four GSM/3G SIM support
Single Antenna for Four GSM SIMs
Quad-band GSM Network Operation
Tri-band 3G Network Operation
Time/Number based Call Routing
Direct Number Dialling on the Cellular Networks with Automatic Number Translation
Restrict Unwanted Calls with a List of Denied Numbers
CPC Signalling to Prevent Port Blockages and Accurate Billing
Caller ID Presentation on Analog Phones
Hotline Extension Setting
Emergency Number Dialling on GSM/3G Networks, Dial Emergency Numbers even in the Absence of SIM
Easy Programming Interface

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