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11-13-2011, 10:06 AM
Dear Users,

You know we are continue working day and night to support you and help you to work in better way .Without your Co-operation it was impossible to Work and give new updates.We are really thankful to Our beloved Customer for there time for postings logs or giving feed back .

Now important is that we must understand that we have to support 1000x number of customer.So it is better if we follow some Rules for posting which will help us to give prompt and better reply .

A good thread is half the answer to problem .

Kindly Read Sticky Thread before making new post it will solve your 95 % of your problem .

Eg of good thread

Topic :Should be brief Description of problem .

Message :

Exact problem and its description .

Infinity Cdma logs

Suppose a cutomer have problem to unlock ZTE-1602 april version he should make post like this.

Topic :ZTE-1602 April Version not able to unlock .


Phone condition is on i want to unlock Model ZTE-1602 phones but not able to unlock .

Sp-Unlock Logs...

COM19 [QCUSB_COM19_1] selected
module v1.64
Device: ZTE-S1602
operation: SP-unlock
Phone should be Switched ON !
Apr 13 2011
Apr 13 2011
ZTE 1602 Apr 13 2011 selected..
Finished, time used: 2 sec

Note :Always try to search forum first and see if it solve your problem if not then only create thread.

Don't post thanks nice post etc there is one dedicated button on forum use it for giving thanks it save forum space and look good as well ..

Remember all post with just thanks nice post etc will be deleted without information please don't complain that my post deleted etc....