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04-01-2012, 04:22 PM

* First IN World GT-S7500 Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash
* First IN World GT-I6712 Unlock/Imei/Flash
* First IN World GT-S3770K Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash
* First IN World GT-I9020T Unlock/Imei/Flash
* First IN World GT-I9020A Unlock/Imei/Flash
* First IN World GT-S5360T Unlock/Imei/Flash
* First IN World SGH-I717R Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash
* First IN World SCH-I929 Unlock/MEID/Flash
* First IN World SCH-I509 Unlock/MEID
* First IN World SCH-F839 Unlock/MEID/Flash
* First IN World SCH-S579 Unlock/MEID/Flash
* First IN World GT-I9100 Region Change
* First IN World GT-N7000 Region Change
* First IN World GT-P6800 Region Change
* First IN World GT-P6200 Region Change
* First IN World GT-I9220 Region Change
* GT-E2600 Unlock/Imei/Flash
* SGH-I727 Unlock/Imei/Flash improve
* SGH-T989 Unlock/Imei/Flash improve
* SGH-I727R Unlock/Imei/Flash improve
* SGH-P6800 Flash improve
* SGH-P6200 Flash improve
* GT-B5512 Unlock/Imei/Flash

How To Change Region:

- Download from support init file
- Select in boot menu this file
- Put phone download mode
- Write file .
- Then later u can write europen phone to china firmware or china phone europen firmware

About S5570I and S5830I Flashing Problem
- After Flash When Phone doesnt Power Should Flashing Second Time its will solve your problem.

For Discuss Update Please Click Following Link:


P.S: Some Flash File Still Uploading Please Be Patient.