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04-11-2012, 10:05 PM
The phone's IMEI number has been deleted. Writes sadene IMEI * # 06 # we make no figures. How to fix this. I installed Boot is the same. Please help ..

04-12-2012, 08:16 AM
brother i havnt any tested solution but i found this one maybe it will work for u

If you did not make any backup of your EFS folder, and your IMEI is messed up, this could be your solution to recover your lost IMEI. NOTE THAT AT LEAST YOU MUST HAVE THE SHIPPED ORIGINAL EFS FOLDER ON YOUR PHONE ( even if you didn't make a backup of it yet and even it's messed up ) FOR THIS METHOD TO WORK

My history with my IMEI:

I flashed my phone with some ROMs, and I didn't backup my EFS folder before, then My SGS2 IMEI was changed to 004999010640000, and we know this is the fake IMEI that is assigned to the phone if the nv_data.bin file is messed up.
so I researched. searched all the forums and didn't find anything that could cure my phone's IMEI and set it to the original IMEI number. so I experimented and after some hours, I fixed my IMEI.
one thing that led me to the conclusion that " .nv_data " file is the thing that I need to fix the IMEI is that they share a very look alike name, and they have the same 2MB size.

PS: I restored my phone's firmware to it's original PDA, Phone and CSC, rooted it with CF-Root, and then done this procedures below

here is what I have done:

you must have:
-Root explorer for copying files to and from EFS folder
-Android SDK for the ADB tools or Terminal in your phone.

It is interesting to know that the IMEI is stored in ".nv_data" file in ORIGINAL SHIPPED EFS folder too, so you just have to do these:

1) make a copy of your EFS folder to your sdcard using root explorer and then make a backup of the folder to your computer [ to have another copy if you had to format sd card sometime ]

2) delete the EFS folder (BE SURE YOU HAVE BACKED IT UP IN A SAFE PLACE AS SAID IN STEP 1) from the root of your phone using root explorer.

3) reset the phone, after that, go to the root, and you can see that the EFS folder is still there, don't make any mistake, this EFS folder is new and generated by the android OS.

4) go to EFS folder using root explorer, and delete "nv_data.bin", "nv_data.bin.md5".

5) go to your backed up EFS folder on your sdcard, copy the "imei" folder to the EFS folder at the root of your phone, then again go to the backed up EFS folder at yout sdcard and copy the " .nv_data " file to your EFS folder at the root of your phone using root explorer, NOTE: the dot in first of nv_data is not a mistake, copy the ".nv_data" file.

6) make another copy of the ".nv_data" file in EFS folder in your phone, so you would have 2 copies of ".nv_data" in EFS folder

7) rename one of ".nv_data" files to "nv_data.bin" and another one to "nv_data.bin.bak"

8) at your PC open CMD at the ADB tool path, or run Terminal at your phone enter these commands:

adb shell ( use this command of you use ADB, if you're using terminal, skip this line )
chown 1001:radio /efs/nv_data.bin

9) reset your phone.... after that you have your original IMEI. you can check your IMEI by dialing *#06#.

04-30-2012, 10:10 PM
I have read through translation. But I did not understand fully. : (I'm trying to do what you're saying. Thank you very much.