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  1. just bought ir-key need some help regarding htc amaze update

    hi team...need some help...i have on htc amaze...i wnt to update it to 4.0.4...but its a aisan version so not officially 4.0.4 available for mobilicity..tmobile and wind mobile..and i want to update...
  2. t959w and i5510 always get error message...pinouts fine..but didnt repair with gpgjtag.

    hi team..i own gpgjtag ...but i bought it 2 months ago...only sucses in one phone..when i unable to dead boot with gpg jtag...but with riff sucsess in one time..

    today i got two phones...i5510 and...
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    need help to repari gt-s5570

    hi team i need some help regarding s5570 coming with hand on android logo by costomer wrong file flash...after that i just donwload some files and trying to flash with odin...but not...
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