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  1. Great place to relax with the whole family!

    Recently, as part of a vacation in Dubai, we decided to visit Legoland with my family, as it is one of the main local attractions. The trip was remembered for a long time not only by our children,...
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    Fight against addiction

    The treatment of alcohol addiction is a process that requires the inclusion of every person who influences the life of the patient. Drug therapy allows you to remove an acute condition, withdraw from...
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    Addiction treatment

    In the modern center it is proposed to undergo a qualitative elimination of the causes and consequences of any addictions, which is guaranteed to eliminate the likelihood of...
  4. Thread: Car rent

    by alexsnow555

    Car rent

    I'll start with the background .. My car broke down, but I had to urgently go to another city for a meeting. I had to call the company and look for options. I settled on Yofleet, they offered vogue...
  5. What kind of business is QR codes suitable for?

    QR codes have gained particular popularity in the FMCG business, that is, in the field of consumer goods or qr code for restaurant menu. Buyers use such goods every day, and they most often make...
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    Using QR codes

    Communication with customers using QR is gaining popularity: a couple of years ago, smartphone cameras learned to automatically read such codes, which made the technology mass-produced and easily...
  7. Barcelona is the center of the cannabis industry in Spain

    Barcelona is the second most populated city in the country (in the first place is Madrid, the capital of Spain). Also, Barcelona is the administrative center of the province of Catalonia, which has a...
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    Ways to smoke marijuana in a club

    Marijuana can be smoked in a coffeeshop in several ways.

    One of them is to twist the joint. Ask the seller for the necessary materials: grinder, papers and special cardboard filters for the joint....
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    cannabis clubs in Barcelona

    Finding a cafe in Barcelona is not difficult. But if you run into trouble, you can check out Raw materials of very high quality, one might even say the best. For example,...
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