-Added IMEI Repair for I9100, I9000, I9003, I9010, N7000, P1000, I777, I897, I997, T839, T849, T959, T959V

-Added Flashing support for
I9300, I9100, I9210, I9070, I8160, I8530, I9000, I9003, I9010, N7000, B5510,
B5512, B7510, S5300, S5360, S5570i, S5690, S5830i, S5839i, S6102, S6802, I717, I727, I747m, I757m,
I777, I897, I997, T759, T769, T959, T959V, T989, T989D, T999, SC03D, SC06D, P1000

E1200 support

Is highly recommended to use latest NsPro version!

Latest Nspro version is available:
-On NsTeam website:
: : NsPro Downloads: :
-On NsPro support area.
The NsPro support area also contain small installer