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    Dıgıphone K700 backup problem

    I bought a spare phone read flash. that I'm backed up to the device, but the device does not open. the device does not turn on now.

    It is sensing the pinout fast,please hold on the phone Power key
    RXD=2 TXD=7
    Connecting...Please hold on the POWER key until the red gauge is going...
    Any errors please select another boot and try again.
    BB:6252, HardwareVer:8B00, SoftwareVer:CA05
    Loading boot...
    INT_SYSRAM_BOOT test completed.
    Loading boot...
    Boot2 test completed.
    Nor Flash ID: 00C8006000170000
    Nand Flash ID: 0000000000000000
    Read Hardware Information is done.
    Config EMI(Nor Flash only)...
    H/W detection ok.
    Get Project ID from phone...
    Project ID: M10AW1108
    Changing baudrate to 921600...
    Analysis the file, Some file may need a long time...
    The file has not been encrypted.
    Downloading Flash file...
    Pre format progress ...
    Done, downloading...
    All Done.


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