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    ATF Lumia 7.x Direct Unlock v9.30 Update!! Public Discussion Thread:

    Advance Turbo Flasher v9.30

    Release Date: December 10, 2012

    Firmware Version Required : 10.3.30


    Introducing The Lumia Windows Phone 7.x eMMC Direct Module

    Main Qualcomm OSBL Functions:

    - Direct Unlock Lumia 710 via USB Cable (Qualcomm OSBL Only, DLOAD OSBL NOT SUPPORTED)

    - Direct Unlock Lumia 800 via USB Cable (Qualcomm OSBL Only, DLOAD OSBL NOT SUPPORTED)

    Other Qualcomm OSBL Functions:

    - Direct Write OSBL original ESCO File Format via Qualcomm OSBL

    - Direct Write Windows 7.x OS (boot.img) ESCO File Format via Qualcomm OSBL

    - Direct Read/Write all Partitions in the Master Boot Record

    - Backup/Restore PMM, Simlocks, Certificates and RPL

    - Change Product Code

    - Repair Corrupted AMSS Problems after TP Boot Repair

    - Direct Write Custom Firmware to WP_OS Partition

    All eMMC Direct Functions requires Qualcomm OSBL.

    If you have a Lumia 710 with DLOAD OSBL, you can flash the Phone via USB to get Qualcomm OSBL.

    If you have a Lumia 800 with DLOAD OSBL, you need to use TP Method and write QCOM OSBL via TP.

    If you have Lumia Lumia 510, 610 or 900, then you cannot use eMMC Direct Module on them.


    - You need "Administrator Rights" if you want to use the eMMC Direct Module.

    Easiest way to get Administrator Rights is to go to C:\AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher\

    then RIGHT-CLICK Mouse on "AdvanceBox.exe", then select:

    --------> 'Run as administrator'

    You need to do this everytime you want to use the eMMC Direct Module

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    Indonesia: ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher))
    Philippine: Gsmph
    Syria: Arabic Support (Syria) GsmVIP
    Chinese support forum : ATF Box
    Vietnam: Saigonmobile
    India: Advance Box - .:: GsmIndia ::.
    Official Iran Support Forum : ASANGSM FORUM
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    Chinese Support forum :

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