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    TINMO F21 Mtk 6252 8Mb

    It is sensing the pinout fast,please hold on the phone Power key
    RXD=2 TXD=4
    Connecting...Please hold on the POWER key until the red gauge is going...
    Any errors please select another boot and try again.
    BB:6252, HardwareVer:8B00, SoftwareVer000
    Loading boot...
    INT_SYSRAM_BOOT test completed.
    Loading boot...
    Boot2 test completed.
    Nor Flash ID: 00EF004000170000
    Nand Flash ID: 0000000000000000
    Read Hardware Information is done.
    Config EMI(Nor Flash only)...
    H/W detection ok.
    Get Project ID from phone...
    Project ID: C160D_FX01_L21_TIN_V02.120515
    Changing baudrate to 921600...
    Reading full Flash...


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