Sigma Software v1.40.00 and
Sigma firmware v1.42 are out!

Qualcomm Platform Update:

Fast Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI database was updated with new firmware versions
for the following ZTE devices:

♦ F160: ORG_KE_P622F2V1.0.0B01-S
♦ F555: MPCS_US_P671A91V1.0.0B05-S
♦ SFR StarAddict: GB_P743FV1.0.0B12
♦ V880: TEL_P729USV1.0.0B09
♦ V790: MOBINIL_P752D03V1.0.0B04

MTK Platform Update:

The following models have been added to the list of supported:
♦ GOMobile Nexus GO350 (MT625A)
♦ Stone St850 (MT6253)

Itís more than recommended to use the latest version of Sigma software!

Download Sigma Software v1.40.00