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    GPGeMMC 1.20 Beta Released... Ability to Work on Lot of Unsupported Mobile Phones..

    What's new ?

    GPGeMMC 1.20 Beta

    Added Manual Selection for Cpu

    What does it's means ?

    Now you can work on any Supported Cpu & Cpu id.
    you can do Read / Write.
    Just select Cpu and Cpu ID and do your work.
    Pinfind to any Unknown Model, Select Cpu id and repair your phone.
    This is Beta ver may have some bugs.

    If you are similar to RIFF or GPGORT or any other box pinouts, just click on your Favorite box pinouts and your GPGeMMC box's pinout will be set to your desire box pinouts and after you can work on it easily !!

    If it have any Bugs or problems please test it and feel free to post with complete details

    for download you may click here
    Index of ./GPGeMMC/Setups/
    Supported list of Cpu and Cpu id


    CPU IDCODE Flash_Type

    BCM2133-A 0F6F9207 NAND
    BCM2133-B 0F6F9207 NAND
    BCM2133-C 0F6F9207 OneNAND
    BCM2156-A 0F6F9207 NAND
    BCM2156-B 0F6F9207 NAND
    BCM2156-C 0F6F9207 OneNAND
    ESM7206A E1002BA0 NAND
    MSM6055-A E1F00F10 NAND
    MSM6055-B E1F00F10 NAND
    MDM6085 E1D00F10 NAND
    MSM6245 E1400D10 NAND
    MSM6246-A E1001220 NAND
    MSM6246-B E1001240 NAND
    MSM6260-A E1000D10 NAND
    MSM6260-B E1000D10 NAND
    MSM6260-C E1000D10 NAND
    MSM6260-D E1000D14 NAND
    MSM6275-A E1000610 NAND
    MSM6275-B E1000630 NAND
    MSM6280-A E1000C10 NAND
    MSM6280-B E1000C20 NAND
    MSM6280-B E1001C30 NAND
    MSM6290-A E1001C10 NAND
    MSM6500 E1C00360 NAND
    MSM6800 E1000CA0 NAND
    MSM7200-A E1000E20 NAND
    MSM7200-B E1000E30 NAND
    MSM7200A-A E1001730 NAND
    MSM7200A-B E10017A0 NAND
    MSM7225-A E1001BC0 NAND
    MSM7225-B E1301BC0 NAND
    MSM7225-C E1301BC0 NAND
    MSM7225A-A E1106010 NAND
    MSM7225A-B E1406010 eMMC
    MSM7225A-C E1706010 eMMC
    MSM7227-A E1103C20 OneNAND
    MSM7227-B E1103C20 NAND
    MSM7227-C E1103C30 OneNAND
    MSM7227-D E1103C50 OneNAND
    MSM7227A-A E1206210 eMMC
    MSM7227A-B E1206210 NAND
    MSM7627-A E1003E20 OneNAND
    MSM7627-B E1003E20 NAND
    MSM7627-C E1003E30 OneNAND
    MSM7627A-A E1306210 eMMC
    MSM7627A-B E1306310 eMMC
    MSM7500 E1100820 NAND
    MSM7600-A E1001020 NAND
    MSM7600-B E1001030 NAND
    MSM8225-A E1007700 eMMC
    MSM8225-B E1007700 eMMC
    MSM8225Q E1007700 eMMC
    MSM8625 E1007800 eMMC
    MSM8625Q E1007700 eMMC
    MSM8255-A E160B317 eMMC
    MSM8255-B E160B327 eMMC
    MSM8255-C E160B327 eMMC
    MSM8255T E160B327 eMMC
    MSM8655 E160B317 eMMC
    MDM6600 E160B347 NAND
    APQ8060-A E1106A10 eMMC
    APQ8060-B E1106A30 eMMC
    APQ8064 E1907110 eMMC
    APQ8064T E1B07120 eMMC
    MSM8260-A E1104210 eMMC
    MSM8260-B E1104230 eMMC
    MSM8260A-A E1107940 eMMC
    MSM8260A-B E1407940 eMMC
    MSM8260A-C E1507940 eMMC
    MSM8660 E1105310 eMMC
    MSM8227 E1007D20 eMMC
    MSM8960-A E1106B40 eMMC
    MSM8960-B E1506B40 eMMC
    MSM8960-C E1506B70 eMMC
    MSM8930 E1507120 eMMC
    OMAP3630-A 2F606D0B OneNAND
    OMAP3630-B 2F10892B OneNAND
    OMAP4430 7704A03B eMMC
    PXA312 1390642E NAND
    QSC1100 E1E02C12 NOR
    QSC1110 E1802C12 NOR
    QSC6010-A E1100B20 NOR
    QSC6010-B E1100B22 NOR
    QSC6030-A E1300B20 NOR
    QSC6030-B E1300B22 NOR
    QSC6055-A E1700F10 NAND
    QSC6055-B E1F00F10 NAND
    QSC6055-C E1F00F12 NAND
    QSC6055-D E1700F12 NAND
    QSC6075 E1A00F12 NAND
    QSC6085 E1800F12 NAND
    QSC6240 E1F01540 NAND
    QSC6270 E1E01540 NAND
    QSD8250 E1002420 NAND
    QSD8650 E1002820 NAND
    S5PC110 7704A01B OneNAND
    S5PV300 7704A04B eMMC
    S5P6422 0F0F902B OneNAND

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