Martech update Box III V0.1.1.1570 -Clip V0.0.9.64

Latest Update :

- 22DC710/65B by Philips - general calculator
- Opel, CD 40 Opera, 24C32 by Grundig
- Honda, DEH-M6227ZH, 39101-S5S-B510-M1, 93C46 (Reverse) by Pioneer
- Ford, HSRNS (NX), 7 612 330 732, BM2T-18K931-BA by Blaupunkt
- KDC-DNX5260BT, Y39-6122-71, 24C64 by Kenwood
- Honda, MF721R0, 39101-S5S-B510-M1, 24C02 by Alpine
- VW, RCD 300, 7 643 222 360, 1K0 035 186J, 95640 by Blaupunkt
- Traffic Pro, BE-4720 by Becker

How to update Box III? Run martech_ams3.exe or download:

How to update Clip? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

Check supported models and functions in demo version:

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