Huawei Y300-U151 Supported!!!
GPGeMMC Feel the power in your Hands!.. Easy and Safe!!

Detecting Pinout!!

Detecting, please press power on/off button...
Device Ready...OK!
Detection initiated...
Detecting TCK,TDO,TDI,and TMS...
Detecting TRST and SYSRST...
TDO = 5
TCK = 9
TMS = 11
TDI = 13
CPUID = E1007700
Please click [Set PinOuts] button before read or write.
Time: 7.30 s
Set Pinout SuccessFull

Device Ready...OK!
Reading Dump 4GB

Read operation(Make sure to press Power on key)...
CPU ID: E1007700.
Flash1 ID: 00450000, Flash Size: 00EC000000 (3776M/3.69G)
Flash2 ID: 00450000, Flash Size: 0000100000 (1M)
>>Release Power on key now and operation continues...