Card verify ok...
Using Version...
Selected Port QCUSB_COM16_1 = COM16
Selected Model MX C111
Selected Task MMX UNLOCK

Searching Phone Please Wait :

Your Phone Version:= Oct 04 201001:09:32Oct 27 200923:00:00CJF.09.I*

Found Inside Version = CIK.4.01.13.INsö~

Found Inside Version = HISC1110A100867533

Found Inside Build = C10AS02246

Supported Firmware Date Unlock Continue NEWCPU TYPE1 = Oct 04 2010

Waiting For Phone To Be Ready.
Preparing Phone For Operation.
Loading Loader...
Loader Ready Waiting For Phone...
Phone Ready Please Wait...
Memory Unlocked Phone Ready Now.
Searching Locks.
Locks Disable Success.

Phone Restarted.

Total Time Take...00:00:06
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