How to buy new packs and activation for my FuriousGold

We made it the most easy possible to make your FuriousGold experience best as possible. First you have to plug in your FuriousGold Box or dongle to your computer than start Maintenance software.

Now you will get redirected to your FuriousGold account. Simply click the packs you want to activate. PACKS IN RED means they are NOT ACTIVATED.

Lets activate PACK9 here. Now you arrive to the PACK9 page. Simply click the ACTIVATE button.

You will see now a new window appears with all the curent SPECIAL OFFER we have for you following the packs you selected. Simply select the one fits better for you.

Once you selected, you will be redirected to the shopping cart.

Now you can select your prefered payment method and finalise your purschase. Any PACKS or ACTIVATIONS made on FuriousGold website are all AUTOMATIC and processing in REAL TIME. This means as soon as we received the payment your account get activated with the new packs you bought.