Hi Guys,

I first wish that say thank you for all the support you have been giving us since the last 3 years. We hope you concider Volcano box as the best investment in your workshop and that it brings you money every day.

I need to make clear what is Merapi act cause it seems not clear for every one.

MERAPI Tool will be dedicated to very very hot phones that needs a lot of investments from our side. This is not about the regular update we are making on Volcano box but something beyond and advanced. We need to have an income for this module cause we really make it flying. We need buy a lot of phones and as you know all new android smart phones are expensive. A lot cost over 300 USD. Because we have a very big team of coders and that we think we can offer more to our customers we decided to make this new pack.

Please keep in mind that standard volcano module will keep on having updates and for sure we will be much better than competition that most of the times are giving fake updates.

More over we have been working since the last 2 month on something very new in this industry. Few teams have made attempts on it but no one really made some ******** support and universal solutions. Will be hopefully release it soon.

So be sure we keep on working very hard and dont want to release new projects on other names like many teamare doing.

Just wait and see I am sure all of you will go for pack 1 cause it is a great value offer.

Take care and all the best!